Bargain Bin is a stage in Lawler-RPG introduced in Chapter 75. It is based on The Simpsons Game.


Part 1Edit


Part 6Edit


Part 1Edit

  • 10 8-Bit Goombas
  • 5 8-Bit Koopas
  • 2 8-Bit Metools
  • 10 16-Bit Metools
  • Will Wright

Part 6Edit

  • 5 Muu
  • 1 Armor Muu
  • 5 Belladonnas
  • 2 Malamars
  • Joker (Klonoa)
  • Drumotron VI

Characters who joins the partyEdit

Part 1Edit

  • Malcolm Landgrab

Part 6Edit

  • 8-Bit Venis
  • 8-Bit John


Bargain Bin Theme30:00

Bargain Bin Theme

Will Wright Battle Theme02:33

Will Wright Battle Theme

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