The-swain blockhead-shirt-logo
Vital statistics
Position The #1 Guy
Age More then 1,000 year old.
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Heroes
Enemies Villains
Type Playable Character
Theme Unknown

Character DescriptionEdit

BlockHead is the star character of a series by The-Swain by the same name. He interacts with the Vendorman, the Old Lady and the Agitated Driver, all of which will play a role of some kind in Blockhead's vicissitudes. His conscience is personified by a man sitting in a chair.


Blockhead is one the characters who has the highest HP in Lawler-RPG. 


Level: 54

HP: 10200

Strength: 148

Defence: 134

Speed: 117

SP Attack: 51

SP Defence: 143 

Weapons: Tongs, Radishes and Pumpkin 

Type: Human/Unknown 

XP Gained: 1500/41000


Normal AttacksEdit

Punch ComboEdit

Blockhead does a combo of punches. (55 to 98 damage)

Kick ComboEdit

Blockhead does a combo of kicks. (70 to 123 damage)

Special AttacksEdit


Blockhead throws Tongs at people with his big throw and also attack with them with his hands, His throw can have lot of pain to some guys. (100 to 235 damage)

Hard HeadbuttEdit

Blockheaad can run up to the enemy, And he can try to to grab one of them and then use a painful Headbutt into there faces. It can knock some sense and confuse them to. But however this can miss if the enemy is fast. (150 to 278 damage)

Ow! What a Bite!Edit

His teeth are hard as meal or even more hard, he jumps to an enemy and bites them as it would hurt like a meal thing hit's it's head. But however, it can hurt Blockhead too if the enemy's body can try resist an attack. (256 to 424 damage). The move can be learned at Level 57.

Ewww! Tongue Slap!Edit

That's right, he can use his own long tongue to slap some enemies, lowing down there defense. But there rage would grow. But it does low damage too (50 to 95 damage). The move can be learned at Level 62.

Ultimate AttackEdit

Ultimate Block PunchEdit

Requires 100% Magic. Blockhead charges up his hand, before he throws a powerful fist at the enemy (1200 to 1700 damage).

Super Random AttackEdit

He runs to the enemy fast, Then he starts to quickly keep on randomly keep's on attacking them for 8 seconds then finish with Hard Headbutt. (1100 to 2395 damage) This move can be learned at Level 59

Team AttackEdit

Object MadnessEdit

Requires 100% Magic and have Hsien-Ko on your party. Blockhead throws tons of Tongs, while Hsien-Ko throws random objects at the enemy. Finishing off with Blockhead using Ewww! Tongue Slap! and Hsien-Ko with Tenraiha, which accidantly hits Blockhead. (1500 to 2200 damage)



Blockhead was having a nice walk and looking for his hobo weevil once again, but he just found a blue portal in the park. So he ran into the portal as he would think his weevil is there. But as he enters, he was about to have his most exciting and bizarre adventure yet.

He shell be in  Chapter 56.



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