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    Tokyo, Japan

    Reiji: I can't believe we didn't leave, i didn't know it was attacked! Its all my fault.

    Xiaomu: Reiji, don't say like that. Sure we didn't protect Shibuya, but at least we can defeat these creatures that are invading.

    Reiji: .......You're right, we have to stop them BEFORE is too late.

    Saya: May i be a "guest" boy?


    Tron Bonne: Where almost there! Be ready!

    But suddenly they where attacked by a Meklord

    John: W-what's going on?

    Tron Bonne: We got attacked by a mysterious robot, you have to take it down or else we will never reach Tokyo in time!

    Reiji: I'll do it myself.

    Xiaomu: Me too!

    John: I'm going with you.

    Scout: Hey asshead, don't forget about me.

    Saya: You forgot about me, boy.

    Tron Bonne: Servbots, try repairing the en…

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    The Mines

    Hard-Working Moles are Good Moles - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

    Venis, Tron and the others arrived to the mines run by diggers.

    Venis: Mario, are you sure this is the right place?

    Mario: (Nods down and up)

    Venis: Great, now all we had to do, is retrieve this picket to its rightful owner.

    Tron Bonne: But Venis, i'm so boring traveling, why not having a break? Me and our Servbots just need to do some diggering now, isn't that right guys?

    Servbot #1: Yes Miss Tron. Please Mr. Knight, let just stay here!

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    The top of the mountains in Oberusel

    Steven Star: Allright, looks like we managed to reach the mountains, so where's Alduin now?

    Venis: I don't know, i thought Icy told us that he is here, but i didn't see him. Maybe she lied to us.

    ???: Or is not a lie.....

    Gambit: it him

    Magneto comes in

    Bruce: Hmm, it is obiously a floating red man with magnetic powers.

    Venis: Did you know him?

    Bruce: No, i was a baby at the time, but my father told me that he fought this guy.

    Venis: And what's his name?

    Steven Star: Magneto...

    Magneto: Hmhmhmh, guess i wasn't expecting to see you again Steven Star, and the guy on the left is your son right?

    Gambit: Professor X is right

    Venis: Professor X?

    Gambit: Yes, he contacted me in my mind and told m…

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    Post-Chapter 58

    May 15, 2016 by Collaterale1

    The Gesellschaft crashes out of the portal.

    Tron Bonne: Ooooow, is everyone ok?

    John: Geez, that was the worst accident-oh wait.

    Robo: Are you going to say something?

    John: No nothing.

    Shiny: Orly goobles, looks like my left arm had suffered minor injuries.

    Jin: Are we in the Underworld again?

    Tron Bonne: I think so.....W-wait, this is not the underworld. We landed on a different place!

    Servbot 14#: It looks like acid trip.

    Mega Man: Yeah, this place is very weird.

    X: Wait a second, I remember this place!

    Zero: Is Split Mushroom's Laboratory!

    Tron Bonne: Split Mushroom? The maverick scientist?

    Zero: Yes, he is responsible for testing our powers, and known for creating virtual reality.

    X: We fought Dynamo and Zero's nightmare here inside the red crystals…

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    Icy: I, Icy finally free from the monster that was created! I can now resume my mission....freezing you do death!!

    Venis:....Shit now we got a problem!

    Darcy and Stormy comes in

    Darcy: Sister? Are you alive!?

    Stormy: Oh my goodness, she really is her!

    Icy: Darcy, Stormy, is been years since the incident.

    Blackrose: Those two are her sisters!?

    Bloom: Yes, they are the Trix, they are much powerful witches of Gardenia.

    Sky: They are known for causing mass damage and collaborated with other evils, including Darkar and Tritannus.

    Venis: I encountered them several times, so where's Astaroth Trix?

    Darcy: He coming right now.

    Astaroth comes in

    Astaroth: Heheheheheh, it is the time to run out Arthur.

    Arthur: Astaroth, where your other one

    A second Astaroth comes…

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    Icy Steven's Castle, Throne Room

    Icy Steven: Time is running up for the heroes....the world will be mine and no one can stop me with a new body!

    The heroes enters in

    Icy Steven: Hehehehe, i'm been waiting for you. Welcome to my throne room!

    Venis: Icy Steven, your plans are about to be over!

    Gemini: Look! (Looks at William)

    Rushuna: Oh no, he is defeated!

    Sylphie: So it must be your friend right? I might heal him.

    Venis: What have you done with William!?

    Icy Steven: Oh, you mean that kid? Well i didn't kill him, but thanks to Darkar, i founded your Fusion Sword. Give it to me and i will spare the life of your friend.

    Venis: No, i will not do it!

    Icy Steven: (Charges his blast attack) If you don't give me the sword, then say goodbye to your friend. Fa…

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    Icy Steven's Castle, Icy Room

    Venis: So, it must be an empty room.

    Travis: Hm, sure you said it knight, no one is here!

    Bloom: We will head out, let's go!

    The doors closes automatically

    Deadpool: Oh shit, someone did some magic to close the doors!

    Tecna: Looks like we got company.

    5 Frost Zombies,  2 Frost Terrors, 7 Frozen Shades, and Spy Larue I comes in

    Spy Larue I: *Roars*

    Aisha: An ice dragon, looks like we have to deal with them!

    Little Sister: Mr. B, take them out!

    Big Daddy:....

    Goku: Allright, here goes!

    Venis: *Ready sword* Let's do this.

    • Venis
    • Scott Pilgrim
    • Goku
    • Vegeta
    • Kite
    • Blackrose
    • Sylphie
    • Travis Touchdown
    • Takashi Komuro
    • Rosa Anarchy
    • Deadpool
    • Bruce Blazestar
    • Cole
    • Johnny Gat
    • Tecna
    • Bloom
    • Sky
    • Sir Arthur
    • Elsa
    • Snake Eyes
    • Big Daddy and Little Sister
    • Aisha
    • Gemini Sunri…

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    Icy Steven's Castle, Dinner Room

    Big Daddy and Little Sister are discovering the ruins of the dinner room.

    Big Daddy:.....

    Little Sister: Mr. B look, i found this! (Founds a teddy bear) Can i keep it?

    Big Daddy:....

    The heroes comes in

    Venis: So, it must be a Dinner Room, but covered in half of water.

    Deadpool: Don't worry, i have a diver suit, so i can swim and swim for fun!

    Blackrose: Where are doing serious Deadpool.

    Elsa: I never visited this room before.

    Scott: I thought this castle was frozen! Now there's water cane out of nowhere?

    Goku: I'm gonna get a new outfift, cause they are getting wet.

    Vegeta: Hph! I can fly, there no need to walk on the water.

    Sir Arthur: Hey look, is a stranger!

    Big Daddy turns

    Venis: Who are you? Why are you here!? Are y…

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    Elsa is surrounded by 25 Ice Guardians Elsa: !

    Ice Guardian 1: Stay down lady!

    Ice Guardian 2: Your coming with us woman, or i will stab you!

    Elsa: (Tries to freeze them, but did not work) What? My ice powers, i can't believe they didn't work!

    Ice Guardian 3: You leave me no choice!

    Goku and Vegeta fires many ki blasts at 21 guardians, killing them.

    Elsa: ?

    The heroes comes in

    Venis: Are you ok girl?

    Elsa: Y-yeah, thanks for saving me. Who are you?

    Venis: I am your savior, i'm here to restore Steven.

    Elsa: S-Steven?

    Tecna: Yes, Steven Star. You know, hero of Hectare City?

    Elsa: That Steven!? And you must be their friends. I'm Elsa, i was having a walk with my sister in the gardens, when suddenly, where kiddnapped by a man made of machine with my creati…

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    Post-Chapter 56

    April 24, 2016 by Collaterale1

    Icy Steven's Castle

    Icy Steven: It looks like Cell is defeated again, but i don't have to worry about it because i created different rooms for my minions.

    William: Your crazy and a bastard!

    Icy Steven: Shut up, kid. I want your friends suffering of death, not watching them dumb! I am the most powerful man in the world! My new body is almost ready and i'm waiting for them! So, where's the Fusion Sword?

    William: I don't want to tell you.

    Icy Steven: Where is it!? Or i swear i will froze you to death like what happened to this castle in 1958!

    William: 1958? I thought your born from Steven and Icy fused together!

    Icy Steven: WRROOOOONG!! I am Anti-Steven, from the Anti-World! But i will still freeze you!

    William: Fine fine, i'll tell you! He is still …

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    Sacred World of the Kais.

    Kibito Kai is watching the City attacked by a Vajra thourgh the orb.

    Kibito Kai: This....this is terrible! This monster is attacking a city. We gonna nedd the help of Goku, right?........Uuuhm, Elder Kai?

    Old Kai: (Watching erotic magazine) Hehehehehe!

    Kibito Kai: (Hits with a mallet) You scrumpy pervet.

    Old Kai: Hey, what the heck is your problem!?

    Kibito Kai: Elder Kai, are you still reading porn while the city is attacked!?

    Old Kai: Oho yeah, yeah yeah yeah, i totally forgot about that.

    Kibito Kai: (Facepalm) ?

    Old Kai: What is it?

    Kibito Kai: I sense Goku's and the other's ki!

    Old Kai: Goku?

    The heroes teleports in

    Kisuke: Uuuugh, w-what is this place?

    Momohime: I-i don't know. Look, citizens!

    Goku: That's the Sacred World o…

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    Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

    Goemon Ishikawa wanders around the place.

    Goemon: Hmm, looks like i have to found something so i can go back home, but how? I don't have anything!

    Shibiretta comes in

    Shibiretta: Hello, kid. You want some help?

    Goemon: Oh yes, i want to found an ancient artifact that is missing days ago.

    Shibiretta: You mean this? (Shows the Maneki-neko)

    Goemon: How did you find this?

    Shibiretta: I got from someone else who is working with me.

    Goemon: Who?

    ???: Don't be tricked, kid!!

    Goemon: ?

    Shibiretta: (Shit, she got me!)

    Sailor Moon appears

    Sailor Moon: For Love and Justice, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon I will punish you!

    Goemon: S-Sailor Moon? The one and only?! Where's the others?

    Shibiretta: You insol…

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    Gesellschaftm, Cafe

    Chris: Tell me Kevin, what happened?

    Kevin: I was just going to simple shopping with Gwen, until i got attacked by that liquid alien and possessed me.

    Jill: Is the XANA.

    Kevin: XANA? Is that the name?

    Chris: XANA is a computer motherboard that terrorizes the internet and is used by Icy Steven right now. Wesker is waiting for us.

    Kevin: Wesker? Wasen't on your team?

    Chris: He left and betrayed us. Is very hard to explain the situlation, even worse, William is captured.

    Kevin: I want to fight with you, to destroy the XANA.

    Jill: You can't stay to us, your critically wounded. You must rest a little longer.

    Kevin: Oh, bumer.

    Chris: I'm sorry, there's nothing we can't do.

    Ken: Come on, i got tired when i completly defeated Bison.


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    The Ice Mountains

    The Ice King is talking with the Minamoto Clan.

    Minamoto no Yoshitsune: Tell me one more tim, where is the Yata no Kagami?

    Ice King: I have no idea what Yata is?! Get out of my castle!!

    Yoshitsune: There is no use master Yorimoto, we tried to tell where is one of the sacred treasures.

    Benkei: Yeah, i tried to smash him, but he frozen my weapon.

    Yorimoto: The Wizard is right. He dosen't know the existence of it.

    Ice King: See, i told you! I'm sick tired of this!

    ???: Ice Kiiiiiing!!!

    Ice King: That voice...!!

    The heroes comes in, including Mr. Hankey.

    William: I'll see that Poop Train again in my dreams. Uuuugh X(

    • John
    • Robo
    • William Dunbar
    • Strider Hiryu
    • Chris
    • Jill
    • Finn and Jake
    • David Manson
    • Mulder
    • Scully
    • Ulala
    • Marisa Kirisame
    • Reimu Hakurei
    • Olaf (Af…

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    After just 2 weeks, the heroes finally reached the destination, South Park

    Hiryu: There it is. We finally are in South Park.

    David: This place looks deserted.

    Hiryu: Because the threats are coming.

    Robo: Like what?

    John: Look! (Points at the Giant Golem) Is the same golem we saw it back in the Underworld!

    Candice: Oh goodness, it looks huge!

    John: Huge indeed.

    Scully: We better save the civilians.

    Mulder: Right!

    Chris: Then beat the golem.

    Jill: Come on, we have no time left!

    South Park, the bus stop. (Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are standing next to the sign.)

    Cartman: Hey guys, did we need to wait for the bus to come by?

    Stan: Yes, Eric. Because of that giant golem that is attacking the city.

    Cartman: Well, im not going to sit here to wait for that …

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    Gesellschaft, HQ

    Tron: Allright everybody, it's time to get the mystery solved!

    Servbot #9: I don't get it.

    Robo: Booo!

    Tron: Okay, sorry. But where almost closing to the new location!

    Venis: Great! What is it?

    Tron: There's lots and lots of mountains, and is cold.

    John: Cold? Are we in Alaska? (Looks outside and sees the sign) Yup, where are in Alaska.

    Servbot #33: Miss Tron. Miss Tron, the engine starts to dry off!

    Tron: What? Oh crap, hold on everyone, where about to crash!

    Anchorage, Alaska

    Mulder and Scully are solving a case to the death of Scrappy-Doo, believing to be an alien.

    Mulder: It seems that the skull has a large fracture on the back.

    Scully: It must be a bullet that entered his head, then makes a hole to the mouth.

    Mulder: I think it mus…

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  • Collaterale1

    Gesellschaft, Hangar

    Servbot #22: Everything is going fine. Everyone, keep going!

    Servbot #42: AFERMATIVE.

    Servbot #31: And then, after finish it, we will go to eat!

    Servbots #31 and #22: Yaaaay!!! X3

    The door of the hanger breaks by Barlog's fists.

    Barlog: Hehehe, suprise! What some taste of my fist?

    Servbot #22: Oh no! The Shadaloo!!

    Servbot #31: Run away! Brother, take care of them!


    Vega: Ho ho ho ho! Are you seriously going to crush us robot?

    Barlog: Hey, isn't that one of the Sentinels? It looks familiar!

    Vega: That's the COTA-91 version, which has stronger defense and can send his fist to your face.

    Barlog: His fist? Hah! Don't worry Vega, i'll just kick his robot ass! Hey come down here pile of scrap, im gonna …

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  • Collaterale1


    Dr. Weird, Web Spider, and Airachnid talking

    Dr. Weird: ...And that is why i was dead twice.

    Web Spider: Hmm, nothing compared to me. I was defeated twice.

    Airachnid: You know Web Spider, i would destroy the Autobots with my spiders.

    Web Spider: I was thinking the same thing.

    Dr. Weird: Meeh, what the hell, i least i have my assistant to............wait, where is he?

    Web Spider: In the Hell Bar with the Demons.

    Steve (Drunk): I was like, pow pow pow pow, and they where like, oh mah god you killed us. Your so beautiful Steve. Thanks lady. (Passed out)

    Demon: Is this some kind of joke!?

    Back at the underworld

    Dr. Weird: Goddammit Steve! *Mumbles*

    Cuts to Devil Kazuya with the Soul Edge and Lucemon Larva in the cliff.

    Devil Kazuya: Hehehe. I f…

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    Hectare Bridge 12:00 PM, 4 days later.

    Venis: Allright everyone, we made 4 days to reach the bridge.

    Marton: That Spaghetti is delicious man.

    Zangief: Yeah, if makes me sleepy. Now im starting to yawn.

    Chiara: Zangief, is not time to sleep, we have made it to the bridge!

    Soma (God Eater):.....I don't care about sleeping, we need to move forward and find that beast.

    Alisa (God Eater): Once we defeated,  we will return back to Hectare for another 4 days.

    Xiaomu: 4 Days? Oh my god, that will take much longer to comeback! Uugh, i hate this city.

    Dylan Dog: Calmati Xiaomu, dobbiamo assicuraci che la bestia e qui. Non devi essere una pigrona.

    Xiaomu: What did you say!?

    Armor King: *facepalms* Grrrrr? (Ok Dylan, could you not make Xiaomu mad?)

    King II: Grro…

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    The Judgement Tower, top of the tower.

    Venis: Who are you? Why are you after us? And how did you know my name?

    Jedah: Well, knight, allow me to introduce myself, i am Jedah Dohma, leader of The Devil Monsters. I was defeated twice by the Darkstalkers! Now, Vegus give me a chance and thus creating a sub-group in order to steal souls.

    Venis: Stealing souls!?

    Robo: Good thing i don't have a soul.

    Hsien-Ko: I don't have one, because i am a zombie, but i can't believed your alive!

    Venis: What are you doing here with the Heart Plate!

    Jedah: This item that i hold you say? Well, i'll retrieve it to Icy Steven and go back where he was.

    Bruce: Give it back freak!

    Jedah: If you want it, we need a trade.

    Venis: What trade?

    Jedah: I'll trade this item, with your …

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  • Collaterale1

    The Judgement Tower, top of the tower.

    Stockgil:..............*Listens those footsteps* It's me who you are!

    Venis and the heroes made it the top.

    Venis: Stockgil! Stop this madness right now!

    Stockgil: Welcome to the Judgement Tower my friends, i'm been waiting for you. I heard that a knight created an army and revived many villains as possible.

    Venis: ! Vegus! You know him!?

    Stockgil: No....but i heard that he is trying to conquer the world, but i am the true conquerer!!

    Kid Muscle: Stop you sick man, you're the one who caused the Raccoon City Incident!

    Stockgil: Raccoon City Incident? What are you talking about? I'm not involved with that!

    Venis: Your right. Sorry Kid Muscle but, your not on my team yet when the incident happene…

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  • Collaterale1

    The King's Castle (Inside), 2:45 PM

    The King: So your saying is that a evil knight attacked you and that the mysterious girl gives you this sword?

    Venis: That's right. This is when i decided to chase that knight Vegus and take him down with his minions.

    CD-i Zelda: Your doing very good guys, i wish i can join you, but my father don't want me to travel with you because you think are rapists.

    Colin: What the fuck!? Where not rapists!

    Chiara: What's a rapist?

    Colin: Better not talking about that.....0-0

    CD-i Link: (Comes in with a broken toaster) Hey King, i just put your Munf Munf to the toaster, but it seems that it exploded.

    The King: O_O Why you little bastard! I sold 300 Rupees for this toaster and you destroyed it!

    (An explosion is hearded)


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  • Collaterale1

    Area: The King's Castle (Outside), 1:10 PM

    Venis: Allright, we need to check this castle.

    Colin: If someone is here, they will help us.

    Chiara: That's right Cpend! We need to ask them to defeat Vegus' army.

    Venis: Hello! Is anybody here!?

    (A noise is heard from the bushes)

    Venis: ?

    Colin: What is that noise?

    Chiara: I have no idea, but i'm scared.

    3 Troll Monsters comes in

    Chiara: !!

    Colin: The monsters!

    Venis: I'll take care of them. You guys need my help!

    Colin: Ok buddy!

    • Venis
    • Colin Pendergast
    • Chiara

    • 3 Troll Monsters - 24 HP

    • 3 V-Guards - 22 HP
    • 2 Ninjas - 18 HP
    • 4 Goblins - 24 HP
    • Shadow Labrys - 130 HP
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  • Collaterale1

    The Lost Forest, outside of the tower

    Starla: (Comes in) Where are you Stockgil!? I can't believe it, i have to find him quickly before something terrible happens. ? (Looks at the Gesellschaft) A ship! It must be someone inside of it. (Enters)

    The Gesellschaft, Lab

    Starla: This must be the Lab, so i have to find something.

    ???: Hey, what do you think your doing stranger!? (Tron Bonne comes in) Get out of my ship!

    Starla: You must be the captain of the ship. I need your help!

    Tron: ? What help?

    Chibi-Robo, John, Robo, and Servbot #1 and #23 comes in

    John: Starla?

    The Gesellschaft, Cafe

    Tron Bonne: What are you doing it here, and who what are you searching?

    Starla: Stockgil.

    John and Robo: Stockgil?

    Servbot #1: You mean leader of The New World Order!?


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  • Collaterale1

    The Judgement Tower, 1st floor

    The heroes arrived to the first floor of the tower.

    Venis: Allright, we made it to the first floor, so we need to be careful, there are dangerours.

    Morrigan: Why not, i hope someone will not see us.

    Kirby: Poyo.

    Kid Muscle: I hope i don't fart. *Farts anyway*

    All: Kid Muscle!

    Kid Muscle: Sorry >_>

    (Dr. Fetus and Yoshikage Kira comes in)

    Dr. Fetus: Hah! We caught them!

    Kira: But damn you need to take a shower.

    Venis: So what is your boss' plan?

    Dr. Fetus: We already told you! The boss wants to make a new world, so that you losers will never won't bother us.

    Pikachu: Piikaaa >:(

    Lydia: Bother us!? What the heck!

    Cerebella: Hm, is not very good, so were here to kick your ass.

    Kira: (Turns to his Awakened Form) Then so beat it.


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  • Collaterale1

    (Dante exits from the bar)

    Dante: Phew, i never seen some angry men trying to kill me, but that is a joke, i just punching them. Well i will never know about that. *Gets on his bike and rides to another location, until suddenly, he got attacked by a giant axe* Whaoh, a giant axe that came out of nowhere! It must came from a powerful demon.

    ???: *Crashes down with a punch, and picks up the axe*

    Dante: A schoolgirl!? How the hell that girl is carring that huge weapon?

    ???: I am not a simple schoolgirl, i am Labrys, an android that can kill you! So your half-human demon huh? Well, i know everything about you and Sparda!

    Dante: Wait, you know about my father?

    Shadow Labrys: Yes, i watched you a few years, battling demons with your weapons, anything! …

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  • WWEfan45

    The Puppet

    December 17, 2014 by WWEfan45
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  • Collaterale1

    New Hectare City

    Tron Bonne: Allright, we arrived!

    ???: Heilige Mutter von Deutschland, this is terrible!

    Venis: Someone needs help! *Venis and co. goes to The Lost Forest*

    Tron Bonne: Luffy, help them, or they will get lost!

    Luffy: Allright! *Luffy follows Venis and co.*

    Lydia: Wait for me!

    Tron Bonne: No Lydia, is dangerous! Ugh, nevermind.

    At Lost Forest

    Venis: *Stops* There it is!

    Eric Erdbeere: *Gets attacked by pirahnna Monsters* Help, somebody help me!

    Bruce: I'll help you! *Slices the Pirahnna Monsters*

    Eric Erdbeere: Vielen Dank! *Runs away*

    Venis: Who is this german guy?

    Bruce: That's one my father's old friends, Eric Erdbeere.

    The heroes gets attacked by Zombies, and Boomers

    Boomer: *Vomits*

    Frank: Eeek, 2 vomiting fat zombies!

    Luffy and Lydia co…

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  • Collaterale1

    (Last time in Part 1)

    The Skiver: Aaagh!! You've done well Hunters! I may failed, but the Colonel will not!

    X, Zero, Chibi-Robo and Raiden teleports back to Gesellschaft Hangar

    X: Pff, we made it!

    Zero: Look

    X, Zero, Chibi-Robo and Raiden watching The Reploid Air Force exploding

    Raiden (Metal Gear): May i rest here?

    Tron Bonne: Sure, why not

    Amy Rose: Yeah, you can stay to the ship

    Raiden (Metal Gear): Thanks, we wil-

    Servbot 13#: Miss Tron, we got a problem!

    ??? (Voice): Hello, do you remember me Johnny?

    Johnny Gat: Tell me, who are you!

    ??? (Voice): I'am Eddie Pyror, great wrestler of all time

    Johnny Gat: Killbane! I knew it

    Killbane (Voice): Hah, come quickly to Steelport with your friends at Murderbrawl XXXII to fight, and get your girlfriend when yo…

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  • Collaterale1

    In a unknown forest, Amy Rose (Who was ressurected by a misterious light after she got killed by Ritcher Blazela), is seen sleeping in the woods, until.

    Amy Rose: *Wakes up* Where am i? Im back from death! And what is this place? *She sees Cyborgs and Riptors* Oh my!

    ???: Don't worry, i'm here *Falco comes in*

    Amy Rose: Falco!

    Falco: Allright, is time to kick those robots and dinosaur's asses.

    Amy Rose: Let's go!

    • Unknown Numbers of Fulgores - HP: 125
    • Unknown Numbers of Riptorians - HP: 125

    • 6 Riptor Riders - HP: 210
    • 8 T-Rexs - HP: 150

    • 4 Heavy Fulgores - HP: 175
    • 2 Egg Pawns - HP: 120
    • Dr. Eggman - HP: N/A
      • Eggmobile - HP: 900

    • Falco

    • Wonder Momo
    • Bravoman
    • Steven Star (Before he became Icy Steven)
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  • Collaterale1

    Pre-Chapter 48 (Part 1)

    February 17, 2014 by Collaterale1

    In the Gesellschaft Cafe

    Tron Bonne: Allright, tell me, what's your name?

    Venis: I'm Venis Turous, but my friends called me "Flynn".

    Bahn: Flynn!? *Laughs* They called you Flynn!

    Venis: I was born in Hinmachi Village, Dijon, France.

    Tron Bonne: Tell me more about you

    CID: Here you go, Spaghetti for Ms. Tron, and the popular Curry Rice for Venis.

    Venis: Thanks, anyway, my grandfather, Franc Turous, was a military soldier during World War II to battle against The Nazi, led by Aldof Hitler, after the war, my grandfather decided to quit the military, and marries my mother in 1969, my father Julian Turous, marries my mother Annie Chorlette, then, i came from the light. My father accompanies me for a Park, it was the best thing in my life, but sadly, m…

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  • Collaterale1

    Post-Chapter 47 (Part 2)

    February 16, 2014 by Collaterale1

    Continue from Chapter 47

    The Gesellschaft lands into the desert.

    John: Uhm, is everybody okay?

    All: Yes!

    Bruce: Great, the Gesellschaft is out of gas.

    Venis: We need to get gas, quickly as possible!

    Tron Bonne: While we working on the engine, you guys must found the gas.

    Venis: Yes!

    Marton: Don't worry, we will found it.

    The heroes walks away

    Tron Bonne: Allright, let's see the problem.

    • The Desert
    • Battle Theme
    • SkullScorpiomon Battle Theme
    • Mino Magnus Battle Theme

    • Unknown numbers of Scorpiomons - HP: 1200
    • Unknown numbers of Aclandas - HP: 1000
    • Unknown numbers of Road Riders - HP: 800
    • Unknown numbers of Obiirus - HP: 200
    • Unknown numbers of Crash Roaders - HP: 950
    • 7 Wild Exeggcutes - HP: 1300 (Comes from random tree palms)
    • Unknown numbers of Golems (Ride Armor) -…

    Read more >
  • Collaterale1

    Post-Chapter 47 (Part 1)

    February 16, 2014 by Collaterale1

    Continue from Chapter 47

    Fox: Wolf!

    Falco: He's alive!

    Wolf: So, we met again, Star Fox.

    Fox: What are you doing here!?

    Wolf: Simple, i just here to battling you

    Pigma: Yeah, those losers should be a piece of cake

    Andrew: I am the one and only true heir to the great emperor Andross.

    Leon: We're going to shed this fugitive label once and for all!

    Panther: The beauty of my rose, is your death!

    Craig: Whaoh, what are those guys?

    Fox: The Star Wolf, is a mercenary group led by Wolf. There originally worked for Andross, and our rivals, i can't believe why Pigma and Andrew are back and rejoined the team.

    Pigma: I was killed when the Aparoid curse took me effect, thanks to Vegus, im now back!

    Andrew: I rejoined The Star Wolf to avenge my uncle.

    Wolf jumps from…

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  • Collaterale1

    Icy Steven: Darkrai, use Dark Pulse!

    Darkrai uses Dark Pulse on Rosa, and Dusknoir

    Rosa and Dusknoir: AAAAAAAAAH!!

    Suddley, they got saved by Wildwing Flashblade

    Wildwing: Grrr

    Ishamie: Wildwing!

    Wildwing: Sorry buddy, im late, Joseph, give a hand!

    Joseph: *Comes in* Allright, Hermit Purple!

    Hermit Purple traps Darkrai with vines, but Darkrai gets free so quickly.

    Joseph: Hm, i think he's tough

    Jotaro: Joseph Joestar!

    Josuke: What the hell is he doing here?

    Joseph: I'm here to help her and him!

    Dusknoir: Thanks, you are you?

    Joseph: I'm Joseph Joestar, and that cyber duck is Wildwing Fashblade, he's my partner.

    Icy Steven: Hm, new guests huh.

    Venis: This giving me nightmares.

    Sanjay and Craig: *Comes in* Whaoh!

    Craig: Check it out Sanjay, is t…

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  • Collaterale1

    In the morning

    Spartacus:.......Good job. *Leaves*

    Shoutmon: ?

    John: Allright, Inuyasha won the bronze thropy, Shoutmon and Agumon won the silver thropy, and now who's next to win the Golden thropy?

    Robo: *Shrugs* I don't know...

    Pain: Since Shoutmon and Agumon won the Silver Tournament, you can now access to the final Tournament, the Gold one!

    Panic: Where you met monsters that a baby named Rosa fought them.

    John: Wait, these looks familiar.

    Rosa: Wait, i am Rosa Anarchy.

    Pain: Holy god, you grown up so fast! How?.

    Rosa: Angels grows fast then humans, idiotic demon.

    Pain: (Okay  she didn't use a machine that grows up)

    Rosa: (I can read your mind)

    Pain: (Dammit!)

    Panic: Sign this, and you can go.

    Rosa: *Signs her name* Allright, is time to rekick their a…

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  • Collaterale1

    John: Inuyasha, you won the bronze Tournament.

    Inuyasha: I know, without the help of you, i won't win the tournament.

    Pain and Panic comes in

    Pain: Allright, since you completed the Bronze Tournament

    Panic: You can pass to the Silver Tournament, you want to go?

    Inuyasha: No

    Pain: Okay, who's gonna go?

    Shoutmon: I am

    Agumon: Also me!

    Pain and Panic: Sign the contract please

    John signs Shoutmon and Agumon's names to he contract

    John: You can go both of you

    Agumon: Allright!

    Shoutmon: Let's do it

    In the crowd

    Bastiatus: Welcome back to the FUCKING Colosseum, this is the Silver Tournament, where they will fight stronger monsters.

    Julius: Allright, the name of two fighters are, two digimons named Shoutmon and Agumon!

    Bastiatus: What are came from Julius?


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  • Collaterale1

    Venis and co. arrived to The Strive Warrior City.

    The King: Link, Zelda, Morshu, where back to our city

    Morshu: Hmmmmm

    CD-I Link: Great, i'll grab my stuff

    A ticket flies to Venis' face

    Venis: What is this? A ticket?

    The King: Is a ticket for Fucking Colloseum.

    CD-I Link: Yeah, the greatest Tournament, where fighters fighting monsters!

    Goku: Is like the World Tournament.

    Venis: Let's check it out

    The heroes walks outside the Colloseum, until they saw Pain and Panic

    Pain: Hello, welcome to Fucking Colloseum

    Panic: This is when the fighter can access to battle the monsters. You can sign your name for the first round, and this is the contract, does anyone, can sign?

    Inuyasha: I'll sign *Signs his name on the contract*

    Panic: Excellent decision, uhmmm, Inuy…

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  • Collaterale1

    Last time in Chapter 44

    Cole: ! Bloom, i think...

    Stewie: According to my Space Calculator, this is a bad future, where Future Venis never got the Fusion Sword to defeat him, instead, Vegus kills him and our future selfs.

    Future Gohan: I remember now. After Vegus kills everyone of us from the future, he enslave Earth and many others with his three main. I don't know anything around to Smithy and Jedah when they win, but Icy Steven did what Vegus dream around, he caused the another planet who didn't work for Vegus into a endless nightmare and flour the planet into nothingness.

    The Portal opens

    ???: Ho ho ho ho ho, this is hot

    Reiji and Xiaomu: !

    Reiji: I know this voice

    Saya, Dokugozu and Dokumezu comes in

    Xiaomu: Saya!

    Saya: Did you miss me boy?

    and …

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  • Collaterale1

    Meanwhile, let's see what the Turtles are doing after they chasing Ogre

    Ducatel, Mississippi

    Leonardo: *Pafts* Darn, we lost him.

    Donatello: Don't worry Leonardo, i sure we defeat that monster.

    Michaelangelo: Yeah, calm down.

    Raphael: Uhmm, guys, look! *Points*.

    Michaelangelo: Looks like this city is abandoned.

    Leonardo: It is, abandoned.

    Michaelangelo: Oooooooooh, yeah

    Raphael: Okay, let's go

    The Turtles walks, until

    ???: Hehehehehehe, you must be the Splinter's Turtles, i see.

    Leonardo: Who are you, show your face!

    Dr. Octopus, 5 Mars Peoples, 2 ZPCI Assaults and ZPCI Captain comes in

    Michaelangelo: Holy Pizza, Spider Bytez, with Aliens and two police guys and a person in a armor suit!

    Leonardo: Mickey, that's not Spider Bytez, that's....

    Donnie: Otto G…

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  • Collaterale1

    Future, Apocalyptic City

    Soma (God Eater): Hey Alisa

    Alisa (God Eater): Yes, Soma?

    Soma : I have to ask you, is really important

    Alisa : What is it?

    Soma : I..

    Lindow comes in

    Lindow: Hey guys, is been a while since Menden ran like a coward.

    Soma : Hey Lindow, what's up?

    Lindow: Nothing, me and that Hedgehog named Silver have a disscus, is it really that Demons are not in this world?

    ???: There's one left

    Lindow: Who's talking?

    Abyss (Soul Calibur) Comes in

    Soma: Who are you!?

    Abyss: Me? Im Abyss, the underworld demon and Member of The Devil Monsters.

    Lindow: Did you say Devil Monsters, that named looks familiar.

    Abyss: I was worked with Jedah!

    Alisa: Jedah!?

    Soma: He's alive!?

    Lindow: The demon with a scythe is back huh.

    Abyss: Yes, my Master Vegus ressurect…

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  • Collaterale1

    Venis and co. arrived to the location

    Venis: The desert, the most quiet place in the world

    Robo: Look guys, it's a house!

    Old Lady comes in

    Old Lady: Hello young fellows, what brings you here?

    Venis: Were searching for the Fusion Sword

    Old Lady: ! The Fusion Sword!? Young man, there's a legend about that sword. This sword, was created during the Medieval ages, a guy named Charles Frienderick used this sword to defeat the evil Al' Shiburah and restored peace, years later, when i was younger during research, i found this sword in my hands! *Shows The Fusion Sword on her hands*

    Venis: You found it?

    Old Lady: Yes

    John: You must be the Old Man's wife huh?

    Old Lady: Yes

    Venis: Old Lady, i need to defeat Vegus

    Old Lady: What!? Oh no, he's dangerous, i had a …

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  • Collaterale1

    Pre-Chapter 43

    January 16, 2014 by Collaterale1

    At Bison's Base

    M. Bison: Allright, this is it, Ogre is coming

    Ogre comes in

    M. Bison: Welcome to my base, the invincible Ogre.


    M. Bison: Barlog, Vega!

    Barlog and Vega: Yes sir!

    M. Bison: Take him out.

    Barlog: You mean this ugly thing? Oh well, im gonna crush you face!

    Vega: Your ugliest face is making me sick

    Ogre:... *Goes to his fightning stance*

    • Balrog and Vega - HP: 4500
    Read more >
  • Collaterale1

    Venis and co. arrived to the location

    Venis: Where are we?

    Heihachi: The Mishima Zaibatsu, this is the place where i conquered, before my Son and my Grandson beat me up.

    Jin: Let me talk to my guards, and talk about Vegus and his World Domination.

    Jin walks to the guards

    Tekken Force 1: Jin, warning, warning!

    Tekken Force 2: Eliminate Jin!

    Jin: What the?

    2 Tekken Forces fires at Jin, but Jin manage to ran away

    Venis: What just happened?

    Jin: I have no idea, why my forces are attacking me!?

    Heihachi: ! I know, it was my father!

    Jin: Jinpachi, he conquered my base, how!?

    Heihachi: I don't know.

    The Tekken Forces walks away

    Jin: There are gone.

    Xiaoyu: What we gonna do Jin?

    Hiryu: Let's enter to the base and see what happened

    Venis: Jin, look ahead

    Jin sees the…

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  • Collaterale1

    Meanwhile in Jedah's Demon Palace

    Jedah: *Looking on a crystall ball* Hm, Sir Arthur is unparalyzed.

    Lord Raptor: Uhmm, master Jedah

    Jedah: Yes?

    L. Raptor: Should we stop them?

    Jedah: .........No

    L. Raptor: What no!?

    Jedah: Im too tired, Nebiroth

    Nebiroth appears

    Nebiroth: Im here.

    Jedah: Go after those pesky guys

    Nebiroth: Yes, i will destroy those, even Arthur

    Jedah: Good *Evil grin*

    At Hunted Graveyard

    Jin and Xiaoyu comes in

    Xiaoyu: Wait, i know this place

    Jin Kazama: The same place we fought the Demon World.

    Xiaoyu: Is he here?

    Jin Kazama:....

    Xiaoyu: Why you can't talk?

    Jin Kazama: Ssh, look!

    10 Blue Zombies comes in

    Xiaoyu: Zombies!

    Jin Kazama: Let's take them out!

    • 10 Zombies (Blue) - HP: 750
    • 30 Zombies (Red) - HP: 730
    • Stehoney - HP: 1500
    • Stehon…

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  • Collaterale1

    (The heroes made it to the Destination)

    Venis: We finally made it

    Valkyrie: Look!

    They see Sir Arthur, somehow he's unable to move.

    All (Except Venis, Chiara, Marton and the Digimons): Arthur!

    Arthur: Graaah, thank goodness your arrived........grr.....i need your help!

    Reiji: Arthur, are you allright!?

    Arthur: Yes......but i can't.......grrr.....move!

    Xiaomu: Tell us!

    Arthur: Someone.........grrr.......paralyze me!

    Venis: Who!?

    ???: Heeeehahahahahaha!

    John: Wait a second, i know this laugh

    ???: Ooooh, you recognize me, Spaghetti Arms, im am... *The Joker comes in* JOKER!

    John: Joker, i knew your behind this!

    Joker: Ooohohoho, Vegus, the dark knight tell me to paralyze this armor guy, i succeded, HAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

    ???: Oh yeah?

    Joker: Who are you!?

    I.M. Meen: …

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  • Collaterale1

    Future, Gain Ground

    Venis: Where are we?

    Ryu: The same place that were fought after Meden's defeat

    Kogoro: I still remembering this place

    Wonder Momo: This place is calm!

    ???: Too calm

    All: !

    Dante, Demitri and Valkyrie comes in

    Kogoro: Dante!

    Wonder Momo: Demitri and Valkyrie!

    Dante: Hi Kogoro, is been a long time since Meden's defeat

    Kogoro: Dante, your look different

    Ken: Nice hair dude!

    Dante: Thanks

    Demitri: Morrigan...

    Morrigan: Hi my vampire, how long when been trougth.


    Valkyrie: Welcome back my friends

    Puss in Boots: Holas, im Puss in Boots, savior of my hometown!

    Angewomon: (A Valkyrie, another warrior, who fights evil for justice)

    Jotaro: Phm, anywho, let's go that door, so we can go to the entrance fo the Cemetery.

    Jun: *Sense something*…

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  • Collaterale1

    Last time on part 2

    Venis: You must be those 2 witches huh?

    Stormy: Yes, they calls us Stormy and Darcy.

    Darcy: Now, is time to destroy!

    Hunter T.: Who the hell are you!?

    Deadpool: Me? Im the incredible superhero, defender of justice, i am Deadpool! *Copies Great Saiyaman's Pose*

    Link Nukem: You son of a bitch! *Shoots RollerHawg's wheel, losing its control*

    Hunter T.: What the hell!? No nononononono NOOOOOO!!!

    Bryony: I can't believe it, one day, ill have REVENGE!!

    Venis: Ralph... I sorry about what happen to you. You did prove to me how stop you became. I know that you, Darcy & Stormy miss your old family, but I...I want to defeat Vegus.

    Ralph: Why even bother, I gonna died anyway, the fusion heart is in critically damaged. I'm not gonna made it! …

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  • Collaterale1

    Last time on Part 1

    Bryony: Oh, look it that, its the hero and his friends, you must be Venis huh? Lysandre talked about you.

    Venis: *Gets brushed* Really?

    Bryony: Yeah, you know that

    John: Team Flare is a villainous team in the Kalos region. Their goal is to create a "beautiful and better" world while making money, eliminating everyone who doesn't follow their standards.

    Venis: What!?

    Chiara: Call someone Robo!

    Robo: Okay *Calls Ellis, Coach and Rochelle* Uhmm, hello, we need your help, we got a bunch of zombies around here, please come to Willamette Wall

    Ellis (Voice): Allright, we will in!

    Robo: Don't worry there are coming *Sees The Witch* HOLY SHIT!!!

    Venis: What's this!?

    Robo: Is The Witch, the most dangerous creature of all zombies, don't look…

    Read more >
  • Collaterale1

    Frank: Were outside of the Willamette Wall

    Venis: So this is the place where your friends gets trapped huh?

    Frank: Yes, but there's not time, we got to save Chuck, before is too late!

    Snake: King, let's go

    The King: Yes!

    Cd-I Link: How about a kiss?

    Zelda: You got to be kidding me

    The Heroes goes to the Willamette Wall, until they got stopped by some sexy girl

    Bryony: Oh, look it that, its the hero and his friends, you must be Venis huh? Lysandre talked about you.

    Venis: *Gets brushed* Really?

    Bryony: Yeah, you know that

    John: Venis, i have to talk with you, Bryony is one the scientist of Team Flare.

    Venis: What is Team Flare?

    John: Team Flare is a villainous team in the Kalos region. Their goal is to create a "beautiful and better" world while making …

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  • Collaterale1

    Last time on Prolouge 2

    ???: FREZEE!!!!

    (Unknown guardians comes in)

    Venis: Who are you?

    Crow 1: Where the crow of The Mishima Zaibatsu, come with us or your dead!

    Cpend7: Never, i know you want to use him for terrible experiments.

    Crow 1: Then your dead!

    Chiara: Wheeh, we defeat them.

    Venis: I don't know what Mishima Zaibatsu is?

    Cpend7: We just have to find out!

    Now our heroes travels the world, arriving to the most huge city called Rolungola City

    Cpend7: Whaoh, this city is huge!

    Chiara: Yes, this is where my family lived

    Venis: We need to talk with someone else

    Chiara: Why not asking to the princess of Rolungola City?

    Venis: The princess of this city?

    Chiara: Yes, that way what's is your objective

    Venis: Okay, here we go

    Venis and his friends arrived to…

    Read more >

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