431px-MLBiS Bowser
Vital statistics
Position Koopa Leader
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Mario and Luigi (Sometimes)
Enemies Mario and Luigi
Type Fire/Dragon
Theme Unknown

Current StatsEdit

HP: 1400/1400

XP: 300/3000

Strength: 110

Defense: 130

Speed: 55

Sp. Atk.: 88

Sp. Def.: 88


Unique AttacksEdit

  • Charge Punch (Start) (Will do the following turn)
  • Claw Combo (Lvl. 37)
  • Body Slam (Lvl. 43)

Special AttacksEdit

  • Fire Breath (Start)
  • Bullet Bill Throw (Start)
  • Koopa Claw (Lvl. 33)
    • Flying Slam (Follow up, by pressing B)
  • Bowser Bomb (Lvl. 39)
  • Whirling Fortress (Lvl. 47)
  • Insane Fire Breath (Lvl. 57)
  • Crusher (Lvl. 68)
  • Terrorize (Lvl. 76)

Ultimate AttacksEdit

  • Bowser Crush (100% Magic)

Enemy AttacksEdit

  • Goomba Storm (Gained after he free the Goombas in Chapter 31 Act 1, Side A)
  • Shy Guy Squad (Gained after he free the Shy Guys in Chapter 39 Part 2)
  • Koopa Corps (Gained after he free the Koopas in Chapter 46)
  • Bob-omb Blitz (Gained after he free the Bomb-Ombs in Chapter 52)
  • Magikoopa Mob (Gained after he free the Magikoopas in Chapter 73)
  • Broggy Bonker (Gained after he finds 15 Bitties found inside enemies in Chapter 81 and give them to Broque Monsieur)

Team AttacksEdit

  • Super F. P. and Giga Bowser (w/ Flame Princess and 100% Magic)





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