Brute Amy Rose
Brute Amy Rose
Vital statistics
Position Fist Fighter
Age  ???
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Amy Rose (creation)
Johnny Gat
Trace Sky (formely)
Enemies Thomas Francis (formely)
Trace Sky
Type Party Character
Theme Unknown
Before Lord Ra invaded Earth, Amy Rose created a super strong clone of herself. Called her Brute Amy Rose based off the Brutes in Saints Row the Third. She and Amy were a great team until Lord Thomas Francis killed Amy Rose and help Lord Ra turn the world to a Wasteland. Luckily with Johnny Gat's help, the team manage to stop Lord Ra and revived everyone (except Yumi). But to this day, Brute Amy Rose never forgive Thomas Francis for what he did in the past and never forgive Joseph D. Francis for bringing Thomas to the world in the first place.

Current StatsEdit

HP: 6800/6800

XP: 0/112000

Strength: 350

Defense: 310

Speed: 180

Sp. Atk.: 120

Sp. Def.: 190


Unique AttacksEdit

  • Brute Combo (Start)
  • Brute Punch (Start)
  • Brute Upper (Lvl. 67)

Special AttacksEdit

  • Rock Throw (Start)
  • Fist Slam (Start)
  • Back Breaker (Lvl. 72)
  • Pillar Smash (Lvl. 77)
  • Power Up (Lvl. 83)
  • Tank Throw (Lvl. 88)

Ultimate AttacksEdit

  • Head Diamond of Super Strength (100% Magic)

Team AttacksEdit

  • Creation Combo (w/ Amy Rose and 100% Magic)



She was ressurected by one of the Guardians of Gods and erased the memory of being evil and called Amerila Rose.

Able to SummonEdit

  • Johnny Tag
  • Aisha Brutella



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