CR-S01 is a Non-Playable Character, who appear in Chapter 26, who help the team by healing them back in life on the Krusty Towers.


In Chapter 26Edit

CR-S01, as well as Ian Holden, was in Japan, searching for Unknown Lester after hearing about a virus being cause by Icy Steven, as well as they former henchman, Stockgil, Danny, and Saeko. CR-SO1 and Ian encounter Raven and Yoshimitus during the tournament. He gave they a curse when they meet with Icy Steven's minions, Flandre & Remilia Scarlet.

During Chapter 26Edit

When they Reture to American, when been told to find Lester's The person curse. During this, they meet up with Brian(Who Planning on making a good army than Stocking and Amy Rose) and Frieza's Soldier (Who think Brian who help him find Lester for Frieza). The three of them went on to find rather Lester or Starla to stop this virus from happening. While during this, they meet up with a hand-full of the B.S.A.A member, along with Saya, and Nurse Shizuka(who carrying Danny and Saeko's baby after them was brainwash by Stockgil), to go to Raccoon City to find Wesker, other B.S.A.A. members, and the heroes.

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