Chimera Smithy
Level 79
XP Gained 120000
HP 22000
Strength 435
Defence 320
Speed 555
SP Attack 290
SP Defence 300
Weapons Red Axem Ranger X's Axe
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Smithy's Hammer
Type Unknown
Chimera Smithy (キメラスミ, Kimerasumi) is a result of Smithy fused with all off his members of The Smithy Squad (Ecxept Princess Shroob), which turns him into a powerful monster.


He has Smithy's Head, Earthrock Trilobyte's Antennas, Dr. Psyche's Top Hat, Miror B.'s glasses, Count Down's Bells, Marceline's left arm, Megatron's left arm, Lumine's right arm, Chaos 0's right tentacle, Flame Mammoth's top chest, Dr. Nefarious' body, Dracula's cape, Time Eater's gears, Scourge's Tail with a bow attached to Bowyer's hair, Jinpachi's Tradditional Hakama, The Axem Rangers X's Axe on the back (Possibly belong to the Red Leader), Yaridovich's left leg and Mack's boucing sword as his right leg.


In Chapter 88, after the members of The Smithy Squad are defeated by Venis and his heroes, Smithy creates an exact copy of The Fusion Sword called Dark Sword with the clone machine, he uses it to fuse his defeated members to become a powerful evil monster. He's eventually defeated by Venis.

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