Level 41/92
XP Gained Unknown
HP 9000/29900
Strength 111/377
Defence 88/311
Speed 99/477
SP Attack 33/244
SP Defence 55/288
Weapons Unknown
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Boss


Negative EnergyEdit

Darkar concetrate his energy. Increases his stats 5x.

Dark ClawEdit

Darkar attacks the players with his claw.

Soul StealEdit

Darkar impales the player's chest, then sucks the player's energy, which restore his heath.

Great DragonEdit

His Ultimate Attack. Darkar summons the Great Dragon, then he rushes and uppercuts the player, traps with the dark orb and finishes of with the Great Dragon shootings a giant flamethrower.


Chapter ???Edit


Final ChapterEdit

He appears as an Illusion, created by El Anti-Poop.

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