Dr. Weird

Dr Weird

Dr Weird

Level 30
XP Gained Unknown
HP 4500/4500
Strength 3000
Defence 1000
Speed 4000
SP Attack 5000
SP Defence 4000
Weapons Super Muscle
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Unknown

Dr. Weird is the evil scientist, and under the follows of his college friend Icy. He an NPC until Chapter 20. Boss Theme


Ground PoundEdit

Dr. Weird ground pounds, creating a earthquake at all players.

Double FistEdit

Dr. Weird strikes a right fist, then a left fist to the player.

Ground Pound FistEdit

His Ultimate attack. Dr. Weird ground pounds all the players, then does a combo of punches, finishing off with the double fist.


Chapter 19Edit


Chapter 20Edit


Final ChapterEdit

He appears as an illusion created by El-Anti Poop.


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