Dragon Icy Steven
Dragon Icy Steven
Level 80
XP Gained 150000
HP 44999 (1)
Strength  ???
Defence  ???
Speed  ???
SP Attack  ???
SP Defence  ???
Weapons XANA's Triton
Equip XANA V.5
Item Drop Icy Steven's Sword
Type Unknown
Dragon Icy Steven is a result of XANA scanning all of the members of Icy Steven Squad and the Trix and later fusing their with Icy Steven into a powerful dragon.


In Chapter 89, Icy Steven arrive with his new left eyes of "The Eye of the XANA". Having pure hate inside of his soul. He willing to feeds on the Seven Deadly Sins from the human, use X.A.N.A. to destroy the world and combined with his breeding with the descendent of Hectare Blazela, creating a army of prefect soldiers to ruin the other planet. He then sacrifice all of his power to XANA to fused into Dragon Icy Steven. He's eventually defeated by Venis, Bruce and the other heroes to face him.

Power and AttacksEdit

The ultimate power of XANA's core only have 1 HP, but it's shield by Icy Steven 44999 HP, all of their being parts of the member of Icy Steven Squad. Dragon Icy Steven mainly used other villains powers with him with support from XANA, which gain him 3 attacks per turn at a pay of gaving 10 HP per parts. XANA also damage the heroes overtime with Lock-On Cannon.

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