El Anti-Poop
El Anti-Poop
Level 100
XP Gained Unknown
HP 500000
Strength 1200
Defence 2000
Speed 7000
SP Attack 2000
SP Defence 8000
Weapons Unknown
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Monster
 El Anti-Poop is the final boss of the unknown saga.


Energy BallEdit

El Anti-Poop shoots a barrage of Energy Balls from his mouth to all players.

Barrier WedgeEdit

Borrowed from Meden. El Anti-Poop summons his hands to trap the player, then he creates the evil sword, and falls diagonally downwards towards the player.

Giga FireballEdit

El Anti-Poop shoots a giant Fireball to all players.

Self ProjectionEdit

Borrowed from Tabuu. El Anti-Poop pauses and sends out 5 Random Enemies.

Dark CannonEdit

Another move borrowed from Tabuu. El Anti-Poop takes out a Dark Cannon, which fires a powerful laser to all players.

Illusion MakerEdit

El Anti-Poop creates an illusion version of 2 Bosses and 1 Rival, that has the lowest heath.

Mega HandEdit

El Anti-Poop creates an Illusion Master Hand, and attack the player with a massive fist.


Borrowed from Xemnas. El Anti-Poop sets a curse on the player that continuously drains HP.

Dark ShadowEdit

Borrowed from Ansem. The Guardian detaches itself from El Anti-Poop to attack the player from below several times, the attack ending with a blast of dark energy.

Final ProjectionEdit

When he loses 1/3 of his heath, El Anti-Poop, creates The Illusions of Scar, Dr.Wily, Coco ★ Tapioca, Darkar, Phantom, Doomsday and M.Bison. Which ends the battle.

Apocalyse MeteorEdit

His Ultimate and most powerful attack. El Anti-Poop shoots a Blue Laser upwards in the air. Then a giant Meteor crashes onto the earth and explodes.


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