Magic forest 2 by ivany86-d5cl0xq
The Forest of Magic is a place introduced in Prolouge 2, is located near between Hinmachi Village and the Rolungola City .


Like in every RPG games, it takes place in a forest, where creatures are sneaking in the trees, to battling the player.


  • 2 Potions
  • 1 Small Dagger
  • 1 Beginner Armor


  • Goblins (Final Fantasy)
  • Wolfs (Final Fantasy X)
  • Lizards (Final Fantasy Dimensions)
  • Slime (Dragon Quest Series)
  • 2 Tekken Forces (Tekken)

Characters that joins the partyEdit

  • Chiara
  • Cpend7


The theme of The Forest of Magic01:24

The theme of The Forest of Magic

Battle Theme02:35

Battle Theme

Battle against The Tekken Forces03:43

Battle against The Tekken Forces

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