Frieza's Soldier
Level 28(As Playable)
15(As Enemies)
XP Gained Unknown
HP  ???
Strength  ???
Defence  ???
Speed  ???
SP Attack  ???
SP Defence  ???
Weapons  ???
Equip  ???
Item Drop Unknown
Type Unknown


After Frieza was defeat along with Cell. He send all of Frieza's Soldiers was send into earth in search for Unknown Lester and Starla, as well as Android 17 & Android 18. One of them, who is playable, encounter Brian, who knock some sense for him about hearing a virus that can effort many, even Frieza. With him and CR-S01, they go to find the Lester & Starla for stop this virus, but first, they have to help the B.S.A.A. with Raccoon City.

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