Fucking Colosseum is a builing hold by the owner Quintus Lentulus Batiatus and Julius Caesar. It is located to The Strive Warrior City.

Theme 1 (Before Battle)

Theme 2 (After Battle)

Battle Theme 1 (Small Monsters)

Battle Theme 2 (Big Monsters)

Battle Theme 3 (Rival theme)

Battle Theme 4 (Against Cloud Strife)

Joke Mode: Battle the joke characters: Example: Best Hercules - Irate Gamer - Justin Bieber ect.

Very Easy Mode: Battle

Easy Mode: Battle 20 small random monsters

Medium Mode: Battle 30

Hard Mode: Battle 35 random strong monsters

Intense mode: Battle 50 Big monsters

Rival Mode: Battle your rivals in a battle

Boss Rush: Battle 92 Bosses (With one boss that is exclusive) (Unlockable after defeating the final boss)

List of Bosses that you have to face (Note: There are clones, not the actual ones):

Suicide Mode: Battle unbeatable Gods: Every


When Julius Caesar does a thumbs up, Batiatus gave you some reward with items, more challenges it is, the bigger the reward.


When Julius Caesar does a thumbs down, you will lose money by 30%, the more dangerous the opponents, the more money lose.

Role in Lawler-RPGEdit

Fucking Colosseum was debuted in Chapter 47, it was located in The Strive Warrior City, where John catches a strange looking ticket with the face of Batiatus.


  • Ultimate Vegus is the only boss that only included in this place.

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