Level 28
XP Gained Unknown
HP 5500
Strength 15
Defence 100
Speed 55
SP Attack 70
SP Defence 100
Weapons Unknown
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Wizard


Creation of LifeEdit

Meio raises both open arms above his head, which glow with energy before the life form is created at an specific point of the stage. Each version creates different forms:

  • Flying Construct: A red flaming orb, this form is the tip of Caduceus' "arms" and quickly flies to the other side, trying to hit the player on its way.
  • Piranhas: A group of 6 Piranhas which fly out in several directions after appearing. They appear in different formations and fly out at random directions.
  • Pteranodon: A set of 2 Pteranodon, which fly in a straight line at either the right or left side of the screen.

Energy OrbsEdit

Meio unleashes a small orb of energy, with weak homing capabilities. Once it hits the player, it produces an explosion on the spot.

Lightning BeamEdit

His Ultimate Attack. Meio puts both open hands together, and unleashes a giant lightning beam straight below all players.


Chapter 67Edit

  • Level = 54
  • XP Points = 9000
  • HP = 8000
  • Strength = 55
  • Defence = 180
  • Speed = 85
  • SP Attack = 110
  • SP Defence = 180

Final ChapterEdit

  • Level = 90
  • XP Points = 23000
  • HP = 15000
  • Strength = 150
  • Defence = 400
  • Speed = 250
  • SP Attack = 555
  • SP Defence = 400


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