Level 61
XP Gained Unknown
HP 50000
Strength 100
Defence 50
Speed 74
SP Attack 99
SP Defence 42
Weapons Powers of Magatama
Equip Magatama
Item Drop Unknown
Type Playable


Hitoshura's main skills are gained via the player's choices with the Magatama. While normal demons are restricted to using specific skills based on their external features, his powers allow for a certain degree of flexibility. For example: Heat Wave and other blade-based attacks are generally learned/inherited only by demons who wield weapons, but hitoshura can learn to use them even if he does not have any by default. This is done by projecting an energy sword to execute the attack.

Hitoshura also has access to skills that are exclusive to him, such as Magma Axis, Spiral Viper, Freikugel and several others. When using some of these skills, the protagonist's skin darkens and his tattoos seem brighter in contrast.

He also bears the distinction of having an innate conversation skill which does not take up a skill slot, namely Talk. As the main character, he is also the only one capable of summoning demons (unless he has a demon present with the Beckon Call skill) and using items during battle.

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