Humanoids are Zombie-Like People who were infected by a Mysterious Red Fog. They will come after anyone and Take them out until they drag them to Fog and Infected themselves.


Humanoids are Creatures with Red and Purple Skin, No Face, and have One Eye in the Center of there Stomach. Their fight by Not only spitting acid, but Also the Attacks and Powers the Original Person does. Their Strangth are Determend how strong the Original Person was.

Level 25
XP Gained Unknown
HP 700
Strength 150
Defence 50
Speed 20
SP Attack 250
SP Defence 150
Weapons N/A
Equip N/A
Item Drop Unknown
Type Enemy

Red FogEdit

The Red Fog is a Mist that infect who Ever enter it. It Show up blocking Path and Preventing people from Leaving. The Only Way to Clear the Path is to Eather take out a certain amount of Humanoids or Defeating the Monster.

<center>Red Fog
Red Fog
Level 150
XP Gained Unknown
HP Infinite
Strength N/A
Defence N/A
Speed 5
SP Attack N/A
SP Defence N/A
Weapons N/A
Equip N/A
Item Drop Unknown
Type Enemy Spawner


The Monster is a Scary Looking Thing that created the Red Fog. It Attack are eather Dark Pulse, Confusion, or it can use it 9 Arms to Fight. When it Almost dead, It will melt away to a diffrent location.

Level 50
XP Gained Unknown
HP 1700
Strength 1150
Defence 1050
Speed 0
SP Attack 1250
SP Defence 1150
Weapons N/A
Equip N/A
Item Drop Unknown
Type N/A

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