Vital statistics
Position Royal Vizier of Agrabah
One of Nine Head Officials of Vegus
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Irate Gamer
Enemies Aladdin
Type Fire/Psychic
Theme Unknown


Scepter ShootEdit

Jafar shoots one player with his scepter, it has random effect.

Snake JafarEdit

Jafar turns into a snake and bites one player.

Genie JafarEdit

Jafar turns into a genie, then he slams all players with his fist.


Jafar makes his debut at the end of Chapter 32, as one the nine head officials of Vegus' Amry. He has a major role, he wants Venis to join Vegus' Army to rule the world, but Venis keeps refusing. He will battle the heroes in the first part of the Final Chapter.

Boss StatsEdit

  • Level - 93
  • HP - 32500
  • Attacks - 55
  • Defense - 250
  • Speed - 170
  • Special Attack - 550
  • Special Defense - 420
  • Weakness - Water, Dark, Ghost, Rock and Ground


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