James Heller
250px-Re Heller
Level 23
XP Gained Unknown
HP 2300/2300
Strength 1000
Defence 500
Speed 1000
SP Attack 1400
SP Defence 1400
Weapons Can shapeshift his body into deadly weapons.

Military firearms and heavy artillery.
Can utilize military combat vehicles.
Nearby throw-able objects and debris.

Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Unknown
"My name is Sergeant James Heller and I will destroy Alex Mercer."
―James Heller
James Heller was a former US Marine Sergeant and the second Blacklight being. Following his attempted suicide mission against Alex Mercer, Mercer infected Heller with his variant of the virus. Driven by a powerful need for vengeance, he set out into the city to uncover the truth behind Alex Mercer, Blackwatch, and the second outbreak of the Blacklight virus.

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