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Level 19
XP Gained Unknown
HP 120
Strength 29
Defence 7
Speed 40
SP Attack 25
SP Defence 37
Weapons X Buster
Equip John's Radar Glasses
Mechanic Badge
Item Drop Unknown
Type Fighter


Special AttacksEdit

  • X-Buster (Right from the start)
  • Hadouken (Right from the start)
  • Shoryuken (Right from the start)
  • Kamehameha (Level 21)
  • Grenade Throw (Level 26)
  • Z-Saber (Level 29)
  • Rajin Stance (Level 33)
  • EX Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Level 37)
  • Machine Gun (Level 43)
  • Super Kamehameha (Level 47)
  • Super Hadoken (Level 56)
  • Eletric Shoryuken (Level 76)
  • Laser Buster (Level 95)

Ultimate AttackEdit

  • Final Nerd (Requires 100% Magic)

Team AttackEdit

  • Robotic Combo (Requires 100% Magic and have Robo on your team)
  • Flower Power (Requires 100% Magic and have Cosmo on your team)
  • Zenkuu Hadoken (Requires 100% Magic and have Ryu on your team)
  • Omnimatrix (Requires 100% Magic and have Ben Tennyson on your team)
  • Team Kamehameha (Requires 100% Magic and have Goku on your team)
  • Median Dragon Assault (Requires 100% Magic and have Jin on your team)



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