Anyone who will fight the Bosses in Lawler-RPG.

Vegus' ArmyEdit

Characters Series Appears In
CD-I Ganon Zelda CD-I Games Chapter 2
Blaze Mortal Kombat Chapter 5
Justin Bieber Real Life Prolouge 5
Dormammu Doctor Strange Chapter 11
Vile Mega Man X Chapter 23
Sigma Mega Man X Chapter 23
Doctor Octopus Spider-Man Chapter 45
Venom Spider-Man Chapter 45
V-Dural Virtua Fighter Chapter 26
M. Bison Street Fighter Chapter 35
Kazuya Mishima/Devil Tekken Chapter 42
AxeKnightMon Digimon Chapter 77
Lalyamon Digimon Chapter 61
Mother Brain Metroid Chapter 95
Joker Klonoa Chapter 54
The Joker Batman Chapter 41
Blastmon Digimon Chapter 34
Balrog Street Fighter Chapter 52
Vega Street Fighter Chapter 52
King Ghidorah Godzilla Chapter 30
Mecha King Ghidorah Godzilla Chapter 72
Jinpachi Tekken Chapter 42
Nightmare Soul Calibur Chapter 51
Tony Jacker OC Chapter 25
David Explender OC Chapter 25
Dio Brando (DIO) Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Chapter 25
Shredder TMNT Chapter 72
Bebop TMNT Chapter 72
Rocksteady TMNT Chapter 72
Dogpound TMNT 2012 Chapter 53
Fishface TMNT 2012 Chapter 28
Krang TMNT 1987 Chapter 72
Baxter Stockman TMNT Chapter 72
Nero Devil May Cry Chapter 94
Eyedol Killer Instict Chapter 8
Gargos Killer Instict Chapter 8
Phantom Super Robot Taisen Chapter 39 (Later joins the party as a summon character)
Vajira God Eater

Chapter 50 (1st Vajira)

Chapter 59 (2nd Vajira)

Chapter 67 (Last Vajira)

Black Bravo Bravoman Chapter 64
Black Valkyrie The Legend of Valkyrie Chapter 64
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda Chapter 41
Fawful Mario and Luigi Chapter 55
Clacketta Mario and Luigi Chapter 55
Shadow Queen Paper Mario Chapter 67
Zombozo Ben 10 Chapter 68
Albedo Ben 10 Chapter 68
Jafar Aladdin Final Chapter
Axel The Red Mega Man X Chapter 22
Antasma Mario and Luigi Chapter 82
Colonel Redips Mega Man X Chapter 81
Rootmars Metal Slug Chapter 78
Juli and Juni Street Fighter Chapter 35
SevenSeven Ben 10 Chapter 35
Ronnie McDoggle ??? Chapter 4
Van Kleiss Generator Rex Chapter 83
Sephiroth Final Fantasy Chapter 98
Doomsday DC Comics Chapter 55
Lobo DC Comics Chapter 55
Shadow Labrys Persona 4 Arena Prolouge 5
The Baron Sonny Prolouge 5
Black Shadow F-Zero Chapter 57
Kid Buu Dragonball Z Chapter 56
Bagramon Digimon Chapter 61
Dr.Weil Mega Man Zero Chapter 63
Mega Man Juno Mega Man Legends Chapter 63
Dr. Wily Mega Man Chapter 16
Lord Wily Mega Man Battle Network Chapter 63
Cyrus Pokemon Diamond and Pearl/Platinum Chapter 42
Dr. Blowhole Penguins of Madagascar Chapter 40
Sesshomaru Inuyasha Chapter 49
Syndrome The Incredibles Chapter 46
Hades Disney's Hercules Chapter 29
Scanty and Kneesocks Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt Chapter 51
Corset Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt Chapter 51
Headless Horseless Horseman Team Fotress 2 Chapter 51
Medusa Gorgon Soul Eater Chapter 69
Skeith .Hack Chapter 41
Lysandre Pokemon X and Y Chapter 42
Scar Lion King Final Chapter
Coco ★ Tapioca Space Channel 5 Chapter 12
Diagon Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Chapter 96
Malware Ben 10: Omniverse Chapter 96
Ogre Tekken Chapter 70
True Ogre Tekken Chapter 70
Loki Thor Chapter 66
Master Hand Super Smash Bros. Chapter 89
Blackbeard One Piece Chapter 64
Utsuho Reiuji Touhou Chapter 97
Colress Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Chapter 64
Shibiretta Yes Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! Chapter 28
Splashmon Digimon Chapter 28
Gravimon Digimon Chapter 30 (Act 6)
Zamielmon Digimon Chapter 77
NeoVandemon Digimon Chapter 77
Dorbickmon Digimon Chapter 27
GBF. Jr Regular Show Chapter 28
Magneto X Men Chapter 59
Prototype Jack (Leader) Tekken Chapter 42
Ralph Star Station Square Attack Chapter 40
Darcy Winx Club Chapter 40
Stormy Winx Club Chapter 40
Pay Bay Leaf Sonic Chapter 52
Yellow Zelkova Chapter 64
Dark Oak Chapter 64
Eins Belanos Project X Zone Chapter 4
Drei Belanos Project X Zone Chapter 4
Irate Gamer Youtube Chapter 3
Achmed Frollo The Frollo Show Chapter 31
Umlaut Carnevil Chapter 51
Yusuf The Frollo Show Final Chapter
Jafar Aladdin Chapter 33
Scar The Lion King Final Chapter
Valter Fire Emblem

Prolouge 4 (As an instructor)

??? (As a boss)

Vegus Original Prolouge 1
El-Anti Poop SLBysusparidas' El Emisaurio del Subespacio Final Chapter 1
El-Anti Poop X Original Final Chapter 2
Ultimate Vegus (Fucking Colloseum only) Original Extra Chapter

IcySteven SquadEdit

Characters Series Appears in
Albert Wesker Resident Evil Chapter 20 (Cameo)
Chapter 25 (Debut)
Nemesis T-Type Resident Evil Chapter 20 (Cameo)
Chapter 25 (Debut)
Willian Dunbar Code Lodyo Chapter 15
Cell Dragonball Z Chapter 17
Frieza Dragonball Z Chapter 17
Alduin Skyrim Chapter 59
Flandre Scarlet Touhou Chapter 38
Remilia Scarlet Touhou Chapter 38
Darkar Winx Club Chapter 62
Darkrai Pokemon Chapter 47
Tritannus Winx Club Chapter 57
Cloud Strife (Formelly) Final Fantasy XII Chapter 47
Dr. Weird Aqua Teen Hunger Force Chapter 19 (Speaking Cameo)
Chapter 20
Icy Winx Club Chapter 58
IcySteven Original Chapter 15

New OrderEdit

Characters Series Appears in
Stockgil OC Chapter 48
Stockny Gat OC Chapter 30 (Act 5)
Yoshikage Kira Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Chapter 40 (Original)
Chapter 48 (Awaken)
Mr Freeze Batman Chapter 30 (Act 5)
Hol Horse Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Chapter 48
Dimentio Super Paper Mario Chapter 31 (Act 3)
Daroach Kirby Chapter 40 (Act 1)
Trace Metroid Prime Hunter Chapter 40 (Act 1)

Bowser ArmyEdit

Characters Series Appears In
Bowser Super Mario Bros Chapter 21
Ciseaux Sakura Wars Chapter 21
Aya-me Sakura Wars Chapter 30 (Act 5)

The Devil MonstersEdit

Characters Series Appears In
Astaroth Ghosts N' Goblins Chapter 41
Nebiroth Ghosts N' Goblins Chapter 41
Princess Shroob Mario and Luigi Chapter 30 (Act 5)
Elder Princess Shroob Mario and Luigi Chapter 30 (Act 5)
Grandmaster Meio Strider Chapter 85
Strider Hien Strider Chapter 85
Lord Raptor Darkstalkers Chapter 9
Mr. Burns (Brainwashed) The Simpsons Chapter 9
Selvaria Bles Valkyria Chronicles Chapter 49
Riemsianne Shining Force Chapter 76
Nelo Angelo Devil May Cry Chapter 74
Abyss Soul Calibur Chapter 44
Jedah Dohma Darkstalkers Chapter 48

Unknown MembersEdit

Characters Series Appears In
Pulcinello Super Mario RPG Chapter 60
Eric Cartman South Park Chapter 53
Drumotron VI Regular Show Chapter 75
Chernaborg Fantasia Chapter 90

Vegus' Real Master's 8 Guardians of HellEdit

Characters Series Appears In
Valtor Winx Club Chapter 95
Eliza Tekken Revolution Chapter 99
Melona Queen's Blade Chapter 60
Vilgax Ben 10 Chapter 68
Primal Dialga Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Chapter 70
The Lich Adventure Time Chapter 99
Lugas and Oguma Metal Slug 3D Chapter 44
Lucemon Digimon Chapter 51

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