The list of enemies that the protagonists must face throughout their adventure.

Name Series
Goblins Final Fantasy
Wolfs Final Fantasy X
Lizards Final Fantasy Dimension
Slime Dragon Quest
Tekken Force Tekken
Troll Monsters Original
Monster Original
Mettaurs Mega Man
Niggers The Boodocks
Golem Original
Magma Monster Original
Fire Golem Original
Feydoom Yumeria
The Blob Clay Fighter
Morolian Space Channel 5
Balaho Space Channel 5
Hunter Space Channel 5
Met.Exe Mega Man Battle Network
Rhythm Robots Space Channel 5
Space Aliens The Simpsons Game
Big Mets Original
Sniper Joe Mega Man
Hammer Joe Mega Man
Machine Gun Joe Mega Man
Bikkie Mega Man
Hothead Mega Man
Tackle Fire Mega Man
Batton Mega Man
Doc Robot Mega Man
Commander Met Mega Man X
Sniper Armor Mega Man
Apache Joe Mega Man
Baby Mets Mega Man
Shield Attackers Mega Man
Astro Zombiegs Mega Man
Blader Mega Man
Telly Mega Man
Big Telly Mega Man
Thorn Vine Mega Man X
Paozos Mega Man
Numetall Mega Man
Robotic Transporter Mega Man

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