List of CharactersEdit

  • TGWDLGEAH - He appears on the bar in Chapter 47, helping the Heroes.
  • Black Mage - Shop Keeper
  • Twink - He helped Princess Peach to evade her Castle from Vegus' Army.
  • Mr. Lickboot - "We got to here, money."
  • Danny Stardrop- Son of Steven Star and Teardrop and Father of Andrew Stardrop. Working with Stockgil before dying in a accident.
  • Ralph Star - Younger Brother of Steven who was alway alone after them mother and father died. He Currently against all Seedrains after what Dark Oak did.
  • David Clawer - Pervious Incarnation of Clawer. Lost his memory about his old self.
  • Nurse Shinzuka - One of Takashi's ally and caretaker of Andrew Stardrop.
  • Dende - The new Earth's Guardian, taking Kami's Place and helps the heroes ot use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron
  • CR-S01 - Unknown Doctor
  • Ian - FBI Agent, searches for evidences
  • Muscle Man - He made a cameo in Chapter 28. But now helps Mordecai and Rigby.
  • Queen Fiona Blazela - Wife of Steven and mother of Stephanie & Bruce BlazeStar. (notes: Stocking and Rosa approve Steven with Fiona when she died).
  • Richter Blazela - King of New Hectare City who alway against people like Steven. He trap inside Icy Steven's castle
  • Starla - Daughter of Steven & Icy. Carried the same weapon as Andrew Star's daughter
  • Vergil - Brother of Dante & Son of Stockgil. Say that Stockgil trap him into a N64 to take him put as New Order Leader.
  • Stancer - One of the Invaded Cults, he, Hooker and Trace Sky were survived from the battle. Some like Tom Smith now used his new forget self to replace Gammabot.
  • Hooker - One of the Invaed Cults and Jacker's Father, he, Stancer and Trace Sky were survived from the battle.


  • Many Other Invaded Cults - Say to be destroy by Blazela.
  • Big the Cat - One of Amy's Friends. Currently chasing Froggy.
  • Bruce Shader - Father of Steven & Ralph Star. Killed by Jacker.
  • Wealthy Jacob - Creator of the Invaded Cults. Killed by George Star.
  • Armor Black Knight - Brendan Rugal's grandfather and Jacker's Biological Ancestor who fights Andrew in the past.
  • Rosa Star - Daughter of George Star and Mother of Steven & Ralph Star. Died to a heart disease.
  • Nina Teardrop - Mother of Danny Stardrop and Grandmother of Andrew Stardrop. Is unknown what happen to her.
  • Andrew Star - Ancestor of all Star Family. Taken his life by killing Armor Black Knight and himself.
  • Trace Sky - One of the Invaded Cults, he, Hooker and Stancer were survived from the battle. However Dark Bruce killed me.
  • John DeFrancis - Partner and Ancestor of all DeFrancis Family.
  • Hectare Blazela - King of Hectare City, named after him. Killed by Armor Black Knight.
  • Erica - Andrew's Wife, She died of illness when her daughter is born.
  • Destiny Star - Daughter of Andrew Star, Mother of Raphael Star, and Ancestor of all Star Family. She died of illness along with husband.

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