Lugas is a tower giant advanced robot-like titan from Metal Slug 3D who served as the sub-boss of the Final Mission. According to Oguma, he absorbs the information 300 Million Years Ago from history.

Role in Lawler-RPGEdit

In Chapter 44, Lugas appears and attacks the heroes with a Shadow Ball/Genkidama-like attack, but they managed to dodged, John recognize this beast and tells the heroes that Lugas is a tower giant who absorbs information 300 Million Years Ago that foughts Marco Rossi and his team, before he was killed by Oguma's previous tower giant named Luu. Abyss (From Soul Calibur) tells them that Lugas was ressurected by Vegus' Real Master, instead of Vegus.


HP: N/A (700 for Legs (Respaws after 2 Turns), 1000 for the Hands (Respawns after 3 Turns), 8000 for the Head*)

Attack: 370

Defense: 170

Speed: 45

Sp. Attack: 130

Sp. Defense: 420

  •  *Weak Point


Homing BallsEdit

Lugas starts to float and spawns four Homing Balls at 4 players.

Mega PunchEdit

Lugas lies and punches the player on the floor with his fist.

Explosive BombEdit

A Shadow Ball/Genkidama-like attack. Lugas raises his hands, gathers his immense power into a large dark ball and launches to all players.


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