150px-XY Lysandre
Vital statistics
Position Team Flare Boss
Age Late 40's and early 50's
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Cyrus
Enemies Unknown
Type N/A
Theme Unknown

Lysandre (Japanese: フラダリ Fleur-de-lis) is the boss of Team Flare and the primary antagonist of Pokémon X and Y, who seeks to create a beautiful world. He is also the owner of Lysandre Labs, the company that created the Holo Caster.

Lysandre's PokèmonEdit

Chapter 70Edit

Mienshao Honchkrow Pyroar Mega Gyarados
Level 64 Level 64 Level 64 Level 64
Swords Dance Night Slash Hyper Voice Aqua Tail
High Jump Kick Aerial Ace Fire Blast Earthquake
Acrobatics Retaliate Dark Pulse Iron Head
Bulk Up Steel Wing Hyper Beam Outrage

Role in Lawler-RPGEdit

He will make his debut in Chapter 70 along with Ghetsis and Cyrus, and also will explain the history of the ultimate weapon that was created by AZ in the past.


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