Level 37/56/92
XP Gained 4050/12000/32000
HP 6500/10000/25000
Strength 58
Defence 88
Speed 140
SP Attack 150
SP Defence 90
Weapons Unknown
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Mega Blaster
Type Dark/Steel

Role in Lawler-RPGEdit

Megatron is not only the Leader of the Decepticons, but also member of The Smithy Squad. He will appeared in Chapter 39 along with Starscream.


Walther P38Edit

Megatron changes into his Walther P38 form and shoots energy blasts at the player.

Arm CannonEdit

Megatron aims his arm cannon forward and shoots a heavy laser from it.

Laser Sword CannonEdit

Megatron raises his arm shouting "You're about to become my slave!" then shoots a long laser from his arm cannon then spin jumps and swings the still active laser in the manner of a sword, heavily knocking anyone away.


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