Metal Amy 4.0/Amy-Nator Ver. 4
Metal Amy
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 1 Year Old
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Killbane
Forbid Feast
Trace Sky
Enemies Rosa Anarchy II
Type Boss
Theme Unknown


Metal Amy is a member of the Metal Series created by Eggman, she along with Team Metal were deployed to fight against the Secret Freedom Fighters and Team Freedom, but she was destroyed when Silver froze her, allowing Big to destroy her.


Metal Amy is actually Amy-Nator who was destroyed by the Out of this World Team when Lord Zedd and Killbane teamed up to create monsters using a beam. Luckily Lord Zedd and Killbane where both killed by the team. However, she was rebuilded by Vegus, upgrading her with double Piko Piko Hammers, Rocket Boots, and a voice. During the second part of Pre-Chapter 48, TBA. She was destroyed by Bruce BlazeStar by slicing her in half.


Metal Amy's Stats
Level 48
XP Gained 9000
HP 4500
Strength 80
Defence 150
Speed 55
SP Attack 80
SP Defence 150
Weapons Dual Piko Piko Hammer
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Double Piko Piko Hammer
Type Steel/Flying

Double SmashEdit

Metal Amy transforms her arms into Piko Piko Hammers and makes a double shockwave at two players.

Rocket BlastEdit

Metal Amy blasts the player with her Rocket Boots.

Metal FinisherEdit

Metal Amy flies flips backwards, grabs the player while flying, then slams him/her into the ground.


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