New Hectare City is a place introduced in Chapter 25. It is Hectare City 17 years after Steven and Jacker disappear.

People in the CityEdit

  • Blazela (39 years old)
  • Elizabeth(38 years old)
  • Stephanie BlazeStar(20 years old)
  • Bruce BlazeStar(16 years old)
  • Kenchia(15 years old)
  • Ralph Star (37 years old)
  • Shad Irvin (16 years old)
  • Joseph D. Francis (40 years old)
  • Cyclone (36 years old)
  • Chase Wolf (Unknown)
  • Alvin Nickels(22 years old)
  • Jonathan Pegasus (19 years old)
  • Leone Alpha (Unknown)
  • Lloyd Ace (24 years old)
  • Alex Flint (13 years old)
  • Jett Fury (14 years old)
  • David Clawer (Unknown) (Revive from Clawer)
  • Roxie Nickels (36 years old)
  • Maria (15 years old)
  • Tom Smith (34 years old)
  • Thomas Francis (15 years old) (Son of Joseph/Revived from Gammabot)
  • Joseph's Wife/Thomas's Mother(39 years old)
  • Max Waker (16 years old)
  • Phillip Denduski (23 years old) (Ramon's Descendant)
  • Nathan Perry (26 years old)

Characters that joins the partyEdit


  • Tony Jacker(Revived from Jacker) (Chapter 25)
  • Kevin Explender(Revived from Explender) (Chapter 25)
  • DIO(Chapter 25)


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