Let this little bastard die! BUTTSEX! BUTTSEX!
Level 1
XP Gained Unknown
HP 5
Strength 2
Defence 1
Speed 6
SP Attack 0
SP Defence 0,5
Weapons Bat
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Hobo

Oogtar is a Cave Boy resident of Dome City in Dinosaur World and the WORST character in a Mario Cartoon. He sometimes caused trouble and appeared exclusively in the Super Mario World television series. He used to wear an animal skin cave man shirt. He has yellow hair. His nickname for Yoshi is Dino Dude. He also acted as a replacement for Toad.

Oogtar was perhaps the mischief-maker of the Cave People, as he pulls all sorts of crap on everyone.


Dinosaur Land was being invaded by the Sesame Street gang and they killed his parents. He escaped the motherfuckers and their leader, Elmo responded with this sentence:"Fuck you mothafucka. I will hunt you down and rape you bitch!."then, Oogtar was found by canadian mounties and sent to an orphanage. He then moved to Marzipan City in Canada. He actually HAD the guts to register and all he did was spam Steve pic everywhere. In 2011, Oogtar was impaled on an I-beam by Tomo Takino.

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