P. Jack (Leader)
486px-Prototype Jack TTT2 CG
Level 32
XP Gained Unknown
HP 800
Strength 92
Defence 64
Speed 48
SP Attack 50
SP Defence 160
Weapons Unknown
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Unknown

<center>P. Jack (Minion)
Level 29
XP Gained Unknown
HP 500
Strength 75
Defence 55
Speed 35
SP Attack 45
SP Defence 120
Weapons Unknown
Equip Mecha Drill
Item Drop Unknown
Type Unknown



Three P. Jacks (Leader P. Jack in his current appearance and Two P. Jacks in their Tekken 1 appearance) are introduced in Chapter 42 under the service of Jinpachi (Who is actually Kazuya), but there later destroyed by the heroes.


Gigaton PunchEdit

P. Jack spins his body and release his fist at the player.

Giant Foot StompEdit

P. Jack performs a high jump and creates a shockwave at the player when he lands.

Prototype FinaleEdit

His ultimate attack (Leader P. Jack exclusive). P. Jack leaps high into the air and smashes downwards onto the battlefield's floor. If he hits the player upon landing, he will slam the player into the ground, beating them rapidly before lifting them up then smashing them with a power punch, dealing massive damage.


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