Patrick Star
Vital statistics
Position Spongebob's Best Friend
Age  ???
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Majority of SpongeBob characters
Princess Mindy
Enemies Plankton
Type Starfish
Theme Unknown

Current StatsEdit

HP: 300/300

XP: 3050/6700

Strength: 140

Defense: 240

Speed: 35

Sp. Atk.: 50

Sp. Def.: 250


Unique AttacksEdit

  • Triple Punch (Start)
  • Belly Blast (Lvl. 24)
  • Body Slam (Lvl. 35)
  • Jellyfish Net (Lvl. 40)
  • Power Punch (Lvl. 65)

Special AttacksEdit

  • Run Attack (Start)
  • Slack Off (Start) (Refills 80% of his heath)
  • Ice Cream Throw (Lvl. 29)
  • Cannonball (Lvl. 48)
  • Head Ram (Lvl. 54)
  • Spinning Starfish (Lvl. 68)
  • Rolling Cannonball (Lvl. 87)

Extra AttacksEdit

  • Spongecake (Refills 550% of his ally's heath) (Got after Patrick needs to go to the bathroom and finds a cake) (Use only one of the time)
  • Charm (Gift from Fluttershy after saving her) (Decreases enemy's attack at 15%)
  • I Love You! (Upgrading Charm) (Decreases enemy's attack at 45%)

Ultimate AttacksEdit

  • Mad Star (Requires 100%)
  • This is Patrick! (After losing 70% of his heath and requires 100% Magic)

Team AttacksEdit

  • (w/ Spongebob) Merbob and Patboy
  • (w/ Fluttershy) Cute Charm (Decreases enemy's Special Attack at 70%)



Patrick Star will make his debut in the Meanwhile version of Chapter 28 - The Peace of Justice along with SpongeBob Squarepants, Little Nemo and Ariel, where there are fighting Plankton and his newest Invention.



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