Ralph Star/Shader
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 38
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends StevenStar(Older Brother)
Enemies Icy
Type Shadow
Theme Unknown

Station Square AttackEdit

After His older brother became under Dark Oak's control, he was forced into the another planet, along with Blazela, Cyclone, Joseph, Roxie, Elizabeth, Richter, Stephanie, Bruce (Who's unborn), and many other citizens of Hectare City during Dark Steven destroy many life in Station Square, along with Stockgil and a few others. After the evert, he believe that Steven was killed and left Hectare City, before leaving a key for a mech and a broken picture of his mother holding him for Blazela as a gift for Bruce BlazeStar, noticing that him, Stephanie, and Bruce are the only one to saved The Star Family( But he never know about Danny or Starla).

In Lawler RPG/Enemy's Story: CellEdit

In Cell's mini story, Cell is send into Japan during the tournament in Chapter 26, 27, and 28, to find some machine with some assistant by the Scarlet Sisters (But it unknown that Bryan join them). After Cell defeat Solid Snake, and then Jack Spicer & Casshern, Cell finds two sword and begins to examine that these look like Steven's old sword and his father's sword. Ralph then appears and tells Cell to get away from his weapon, Cell stay in here as Ralph slowly killing a female seedrain he saw in Japan with his bare hands, he rambles to Cell about how his sore avenge against the seedrain after Dark Oak make Steven into a evil person, destroy their mother's dying wish of became good warrior. Cell see the star symbol in Ralph's Sword then offers to take him into his revived brother. As Ralph tries to think about it, Cell grab his sword from his tail, since Icy Steven only needs his sword to reach him/her breaking points of Ultimate Shadow. Infuriating by how Cell tries to trick him, Ralph throws a few slashes at Cell before attempting to kill him with his sword, to make sure not another Star Family died.

Working for VegusEdit

Ralph join Vegus when him told by his can stop the 77th curse of leading to his death, like his mother and Blazela's brother. Ralph then made a group of other (Darcy, Stormy, Jack Spicer, Casshern, and Alex Mercer). Ralph is completed powerful in Chatper 40, who by this time are already taking up arms against Venis and co.. During his fight with the heroes, he has the utmost confidence he will surely win the battle. Ultimately, Darcy and Stromy are defeated, however even their deaths, Ralph use The Witch Shadow Fusion to absorb the souls of Darcy and Stromy, resulting in his fusion into Chaos Ralph. However he's defeated by Venis as Venis tells him to join the party, but Ralph refuses, because he's dying. Ralph says his last words before he explodes and unfuses Darcy and Stormy.

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