Rosa Anarchy
210px-Older Rosa Anarchy
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Mid 20's
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends StevenStar
Enemies Alduin
Type Party Character
Theme Unknown

Rosa Anarchy is the Daughter of Steven Star and Stocking Anarchy. Some would say that her destiny is to keep the Star Family Name Alive and Strong. She started off as a Cute Child with No Powers and No Fighting Skills, That is until Hades challenge her to See if She have what it take to be a Demon Slayer. Stocking manage to Train her for Days to fight off many Enemies like Vikke the Heavy Metal Zombie Viking and Black Bull. A few Months Later, When Steven and Stocking were killed by Sonic.exe, She agreed to stay with Ralph Star, Blazela, Bruce BlazeStar and Kenchia. Later on Agreed to Go Back in Time to Stop Sonic.exe from Killing her Family. Now the She's Older, Her Quest will be Harder, but She'll alway be Prepared for Battle.

Current StatsEdit

HP: 3400/3400

XP: 1900/7600

Strength: 180

Defense: 140

Speed: 240

Sp. Atk.: 122

Sp. Def.: 88


Unique AttacksEdit

  • Slash (Start)
  • Dropkick (Lvl. 47)
  • Double Slash (Lvl. 69)
  • Shadow Stab (Shadow Rosa only)

Special AttacksEdit

  • Speed Slice (Start)
  • Slash Wave (Lvl. 51)
  • Detect (Lvl. 57) (Works as a counterattack move)
  • Shine Sword (Lvl. 63) (Raises her Attack and Speed stats by one stage each.)
  • Slashing Uppercut (Lvl. 75)
  • Shadow Punch (Shadow Rosa only)
  • Dark Wave (Shadow Rosa only)

Ultimate AttacksEdit

  • Final Slash Wave (100% Magic)
  • Shadow Rosa (Hyper Mode)

Team AttacksEdit

  • Mother and Daughter combination attack (w/Stocking and 100% Magic)



Is unknown when Rosa will be appeared along with Yummy, Jimmy and Yumi's Daughter



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