True sandvich33
Level 20
XP Gained Unknown
HP 240
Strength 40
Defence 38
Speed 42
SP Attack 40
SP Defence 38
Weapons Katana Revolver
Summoning Dice
Multipurpose Watch
Aura Gloves
Spare Revolvers
20ZX Hyundai Manslaughter
Scouter Glasses
Equip  ???
Item Drop Unknown
Type All-Around

Current StatsEdit

HP: 69/69

XP: 45/572

Strength: 40

Defense: 38

Speed: 42

Sp. Atk.: 40

Sp. Def.: 38


Unique AttacksEdit

  • Double Shot
  • Slashbang
  • Motion Stabber
  • Stop the Clock!
  • Summon Ally!
  • Slow Scraping
  • Lanyard Choker
  • Glasses Stab

Special AttacksEdit

  • Rage Punch (37MP)
  • Ghostly Screech (14MP)
  • Crystal Pegasus Cut (85MP)
  • Cure (25MP)
  • Recharge (-10MP)

Ultimate AttacksEdit

  • Countdown to Constriction by Knives (100%OD)
  • Gentlemen, Fire! (100%GB)
  • Pure Death (100%OD+100%GB)

Team AttacksEdit

  • (w/ Lydia Prower) The Power of Love
  • (w/ The Joker) 20ZX Hyundai Manslaughter
  • (w/ Steven_Star) Sandvich-Star Death Bash
  • (w/ Pen) World's Easiest Thing to Do!
  • (w/ RobertoftheNerds) Brother's Judgment
  • (w/ Zoe Hirashima) Rockout Supreme
  • (w/ Hirosue Marina) Floral Stormsurge

Party Members so FarEdit

  • None



Able to SummonEdit

  • Lesser Demons
  • Jane the Killer
  • Kamen Rider Amazon
  • Skintaker, The
  • Trogdor
  • Dolan



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