Sir Arthur
Level 18
XP Gained Unknown
HP 2660
Strength 12 (Without armor)
70 (With armor)
460 (With Golden Armor)
Defence 7 (Without armor
140 (With armor)
855 (With Golden Armor)
Speed 25
455 (With Golden Armor)
SP Attack 45
265 (With Golden Armor)
SP Defence 34
170 (With Golden Armor)
Weapons Unknown
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Human


Special AttacksEdit

  • Dagger (Right from the start)
  • Shield (Right from the start) (Protects you from attacks for 2 turns)
  • Tri-Blade (Level 27)
  • Crossbow (Level 35)
  • Axe (Level 43)
  • Torch (Level 49)
  • Lance (Level 56)
  • Scythe (Level 62)
  • Discus (Level 74)
  • Golden Armor (Level 80) (Only for 10 Turns, and you will lose the Bronze Armor)
  • Flaming Lance (During Gold Armor)
  • Magic Torch (During Gold Armor)
  • Magic Scythe (During Gold Armor)
  • Magic Dagger (During Gold Armor)
  • Hefty Axe (During Gold Armor)
  • Nuclear Magic (During Gold Armor)
  • Shield Magic (During Gold Armor) (Protects you from everything for 3 turns)
  • Mirror Magic (During Gold Armor) (Reflects projectiles to his enemy)

Ultimate AttackEdit

  • Fire Dragon Magic (During Gold Armor and requires 100% Magic)
  • Lightning Magic (During Gold Armor and requires 100% Magic)
  • Thunder Magic (During Gold Armor and requires 100% Magic)

Team AttackEdit

  • Goddess' Bracelet and Data Drain (Requires 100% Magic and have Kite on your team)


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