Southtown in Danger is a Side-Quest during Lawler-RPG about Geese's plan to take over South Town.


During Venis' adventures with his friends on the Gesellschaft, he recieved a letter from a man named Terry Bogard, who Kyo and Iori know about him, asked the protagonist to come into South Town as Geese Howard is planning to conquer South Town, using a bizarre machine that produces liquid, which could make him billionare. William suppects that he discovered some remains of X.A.N.A. and use it to infect people, Venis and friends head of to South Town.

Meanwhile in the streets, Terry Bogard is waiting for them, when he was stumbled upon by Kim Kaphwan, who challenge him for a fight. After the fight, the Gesellschaft lands, Venis and his friends where introduced by Bogard and tells them that Geese' security, Billy Kane, is planning to interrupt the Pyscho Soldier Concert Tour with his bodyguards, however the plan failed when the heroes arrived and defeated them, saving Athena Asamiya's life.

This Sub-plot can be unlocked when Kyo and Iori are joined, and found an invitation in Chapter 59.

Event, Location, and BossesEdit

Part 1 - The StreetsEdit

  • Kim Kapwhan

Part 2 - Athena ConcertEdit

  • Billy Kane
  • 14 Bodyguards

Part 3 - Pao Pao CafeEdit

  • Bob Wilson
  • Raiden
  • Hwa Jai

Part 4 - Geese TowerEdit

Hwa and Raiden's stageEdit

  • 6 Bodyguards
  • Hwa Jai
  • Raiden

Billy Kane's stage

  • 4 Bodyguards
  • Billy Kane

Geese's StageEdit

  • 4 Bodyguards
  • Geese Howard
  • XANA

Part 5 - The TempleEdit

  • XANA Geese

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