Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 19
Status Dead(Revived by Unknown Lester)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Any other New Order Member
Stockny Gat(Younger Half-Brothers)
Tutti-Frutti(Younger Half-Sister)
Enemies Vergil(Father)
Type Demon/Angel
Theme Unknown

Pre Lawler RPG Story/Station Square AttackEdit

Stockgil grown up as a orphan, due to one of his parent not want it the raise him. Since then, he was anger by his parent and when became 15, him trap Vergil inside his curse N64 and take his role as Leader of The Order(Now New Order). When StevenStar became under Dark Oak's control and attack Station Square, Stockgil use this idea to get Danny and others to help Dark Evil Steven. However, Stockgil was murder by his own uncle, before seeing what happen to the world. One revived by Unknown Lester, Stockgil and his allies get still planning on a attack, even growing attach to his leaders's daughter, but only to get send into prison for 26.

In Lawler RPGEdit

Escaping from the prison, Stockgil hired or brainwashed many people to support him into creating a new world, killing his mother and his uncle, and wedding Starla, also healing him from the Brotherhood Virus him(as well as Steven, Danny, Saeko, and Silver Samurai). but go into wars with Icy Steven and him/her members.

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