The Darkness
The darkness
Level ZX
XP Gained Unknown
HP 100,000,000,000,000
Strength  ???
Defence  ???
Speed  ???
SP Attack  ???
SP Defence  ???
Weapons The Shadows
Equip  ???
Item Drop Unknown
Type True Overlord


Lawler RPGEdit

He was only mentioned by The Emmisary to awake his power.

Smash Bros. Lawl GalaxyEdit

Final boss of Classic Mode and the final chapter of SSE.

Rosa Anarchy vs. Hades' DemonsEdit

Although he didn't appeared in Rosa vs Hades' Demons, but he was mentioned by John.


Shadow StormEdit

A meteor shower of dark balls that can't be touched by other players (even though they can touch them) rains down and deals 250 damage to every player.

Tidal ShadeEdit

A tidal wave silhouette crashes forward at a player, dealing 375 damage.

Sillhouette MirrorEdit

The Darkness takes on the form of someone in your party and has all of that member's abilities that do twice as much. It can be defeated by defeating it in copy form.


A hypnotizer move. The Darkness moves a shady hand over a party member and turns him/her into an overshadowed character. Defeat the overshadowed character to knock back some sense.

Dark BeamEdit

A powerful ray of shadows is shot, dealing a whopping 625 damage.

The Final Seal of FateEdit

The Darkness converts itself into mist for its ultimate finisher. A random member of your party is then killed off in the shade.

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