Vital statistics
Position Leader of his army and emperor of evil
Age 2000
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Unknown
Enemies Every Heroes
Type Ghost/Steel/Dark
Theme Unknown
Vegus is the leader of his army, creator of his Organiazation known as The Dark Force and the emperor of evil who wants to end the heroes with his powerful skills. He has a dark gold black armor and helmet, he has a big eye on his chest, a dark violet cape, a half-visible heart that can be seen and he got an organic sword.


Pre-Lawler RPGEdit

In 1198, Vegus was originally a hero with a bronze armor who fight evil and his real name is Charles Frienderick, after he rescued Princess Flinda and killed the leader of the evil known as Al' Shiburah, Vegus becomes the defender of good side and gained him the Golden Armor. After 20 years, Flinda dies of illness 3 days ago after her son was born (Named Charles Jr.). Vegus decides to train his son to became the next defender of good side when his son is at the age of 6, after 15 years, his son's wish comes true, but killed after a griffon (Ruber's main henchman from the Quest of Camelot) attacked him and the princess (Who also kills her), which makes Vegus angry and wants revenge on Ruber. 2 years at the age of 42 outside of Camelot, he confronts Ruber and wants revenge who killed his son by sending his griffon, but he's killed by Ruber with bare hands and thows it on the cave.


1912 years later, Vegus was ressurected by a wizeman with a new armor that makes him evil and starts to destroy the cave and teleport into Heaven. Arrived in the location, Vegus confronts God who wants to take his throne and conquer Heaven, but stopped by one of God's 20 guardians, Angel, after the battle, Vegus kills Angel and takes her soul to his eye chest, but he was banished from Heaven by God that send him back on Earth, now Vegus gets pissed off and decided to sleep in a grave. Vegus wakes up after 13 years later at the age of 2000, Vegus creates his fortress, his massive army and his organization known as The Dark Force which also collaborates with Icy Steven, Smithy and Jedah Dohmma to take ready for chaos.

Vegus will battling Venis and his friends in Chapter 91.


Nightmare SlashEdit

Vegus charges up his sword before the does a powerful slash at all players.

Soul StealEdit

Vegus impales the player's stomach and steals his/her heath, healing himself.


Vegus concetrates all of his power, then he mimics his previous minion's attack.

Power of EvilEdit

His ultimate attack. Vegus jumps in the air, and absorbs all the evil's power, which increases his strength at 25X and 20X of his defense, after 3 turns he rushes to his opponent, the screen goes black and does multiple brutal slashes with his SoulEdge, after that, he steals the player's soul. This attack is One-Hit.


HP: 37000

Strength: 650

Defense: 220

Speed: 330

Sp. Atk: 180

Sp. Def: 340

Item Drop: Soul Edge

Weakness: Fire and Ground


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