Level 37/77/91
XP Gained Unknown
HP 8500/15000/35000
Strength 99/170/333
Defence 66/166/250
Speed 120/255/544
SP Attack 100/200/300
SP Defence 55/120/270
Weapons Unknown
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Boss
Vilgax is the main antagonist of the Ben 10 series and one of the villains in Lawler RPG. He follows the orders of the real antagonist Vegus.


Laser BeamEdit

Vilgax shoots double laser beams from his eyes at the player.

Bionic ArmEdit

Vilgax attacks with a bionic fist at the player.

Flaming SwordEdit

Vilgax attacks the player with his flaming sword.

Lucubra FormEdit

Vilgax transforms into his Lucubra form. His speed, strength and defense increases, which last for 5 turns.

True FormEdit

His Ultimate Attack. Vilagx transformns into his Octopus form, then starts attacking all players with his tentacles 5 times before reverted to his normal form.


Chapter 68Edit


Final ChapterEdit

He appears as an illusion created by El-Anti Poop.



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