Yaiba Kamikaze
Yaiba ninja gaiden z.0 cinema 640.01
Level 19
XP Gained Unknown
HP 870/870
Strength 15
Defence 10
Speed 27
SP Attack 29
SP Defence 20
Weapons Ninja Sword
hidden blades
Equip Cyborg Arm
Item Drop Unknown
Type Unknown


From what was seen on the trailers and said by Keiji Inafune; Yaiba is dangerous, unpredictable, vulgar, and sadistic. It is implied that Yaiba once held the virtues of some other ninja characters such as dying in battle with honor, but after coming back from the dead he looks at such views with disdain. Despite being recruited to fight the zombies, he sees them only as practice for his vengeance against Ryu Hayabusa. Yaiba cares very little for his coworkers or the safety of the world, thinking only about Hayabusa and killing him. When fighting enemies, Yaiba shows his sadistic streak such as ripping off a zombie's arms and beat it up with them.


Yaiba has been modified into a cyborg and is apparently on a mission regarding a zombie outbreak. He is also seeking revenge against Ryu Hayabusa.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Prior to becoming a cyborg Yaiba was feared by others for his skills, enough to be called a demon ninja. His speed, agility, reflexes, and combat abilities were above the average ninja; enough to fight near equally with Ryu when not using the True Dragon Sword. Yaiba holds his katana in a reverse grip compared to other ninja who usually held their swords in a traditional way. After becoming a cyborg, Yaiba's physical strength increased to great lengths. His bionic left arm alone is able to lift, hit, and crush with great force. The arm has the ability to shoot out the hand attached to a chain to attack enemies or reach higher areas and discharge electricity. It also has customizable weapons such as hidden blades and chainsaws.

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