Yu Narukami
Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age 19
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Weight Unknown
Other attributes
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Type Unknown
Theme Unknown

Yu Narukami is the protagonist of Persona 4, its incarnations, and its sequels. While he is actually an unnamed character in Persona 4, he has the name Yu Narukami in Persona 4 Arena which exists in the same continuity as Persona 4 and remains as his canon title.


Unique AttacksEdit

  • Persona Switch: Narukami switches the Persona he's currently using for another one. This does not count as a turn. All Personas Narukami uses are listed here, sans a few. (Jiraiya, Susano-o, Takehaya Susano-o, Tomoe Gozen, Suzuka Gongen, Haraedo-no-Okami, Konohana Sakuya, Amaterasu, Sumeo-Okami, Take-Mikazuchi, Rokuten Maoh, Takeji Zaiten, Himiko, Kanzeon, Kouzeon, Kintoki-Douji, Kamui, Kamui-Moshiri, Sukuna-Hikona, Yamato-Takeru, and Yamato Sumeragi are not his Personas.) Izanagi/Izanagi-No-Okami are always with Narukami.

Special AttacksEdit

Look at all of the Personas Narukami can use and then list down all of their special moves.

Ultimate AttacksEdit

  • Ziodyne (SP Skill): Narukami summons Izanagi and fires a large blast of electricity.
  • Cross Slash: Narukami's sword charges with electricity and he slashes the opponent horizontally. Izanagi then appears and slashes the opponent vertically.

Instant KillEdit

Myriad Truths: Narukami charges a ball of electricity in front of him for one turn. If he's not inflicted with any status ailment nor dies, he will stab the ground, causing electricity to fly everywhere. All the enemies are hit and then it cuts to Izanagi in the sky. Izanagi turns into Izanagi-no-Okami and spins his weapon in a circle. Izanagi-no-Okami then sends a huge lightning blast down to the battle field, then it instantly kills the opponents.

Team AttacksEdit

  • All-Out Attack: Take this video as an example of what an All-Out Attack is. This will only trigger if Narukami is with a few of his fellow Investigation Team members.
  • Cheer Up: Same as the All-Out Attack, except Rise cheers on her partners, causing extra damage. The skull cloud is also pink with more clouds on the cranium looking like Rise's hair.
  • Team Attack Starter: Big Gamble
  • Team Attack Central: Cross Slash
  • Team Attack Ender: Ziodyne

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